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Hey, everybody! Welcome to the cheats page for me and YoshiEgg's new game, YoshiEgg & Bloop: A Crack in Time! Now, you may be wondering if cheating is wrong. Well, it usually is, but in video games, it's perfectly normal. What? You say that villains cheat? Erm - Like I said, guys, cheating is OK in video games, especially this one, because it's really, really hard. What?! I'm not a villain! I'll never stoop to The Groo's level!! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!!!

OK. Nevermind. You can cheat if you want to, but just know that I'M NOT A VILLAIN!!

Cheat Codes:

The Groo:
BRAW-HAW-HAW!!! Greetings, heroes and villains alike. I'm The Groo, the last Groo in existance... For now... Here are some evil cheat codes for the game that can help you very much... To quickly unlock all weapons, go to the pause menu, press A & B at the same time to bring you to the cheat code menu, then type in ALLWEAPONS=D. To get unlimited ammo, type in BUTTLOAD_OF_AMMO. To receive all characters, type in ALLCHARS_XD, and to have one 1-hit kill shot from any weapon, (It doesn't work for bosses...) type in PWNAGE.

Now, I must be going... Things to do, Tanookis to kill... Cheerio!

Boss Help:

Heh heh! Hello, game players! I'm McBoo! Now, even the first boss in the game is excruciatingly hard to beat, so I'm going to help you out! Look below to see the easiest ways to destroy the many bosses in the game...


Even being the first boss in the game and the easiest, hitting him can be pretty tricky. What you've gotta' do is shoot the projectiles that Tantrumm shoots at you before they hit you. When he unhooks the straitjacket and tries to whip you with hit, there's your chance... When he whips you, get out your wrench and press the block button. The whip will ricochet off of the wrench and hit Tantrumm in the face, stunning him for enough time so you can start either hitting him with the wrench and/or blasting him with the laser blaster. Do this some more and you'll beat the crazy guy...


Mossman is the second boss in the game and is a bit trickier than Tantrumm. Mossman has an array of attacks. When Mossman starts to hit you with his huge arm, jump on top of the arm and blast a laser sphere in his gaping mouth. As for Mossman's spinning attack, you could wait until Mossman gets dizzy and start shooting him there, but this will deal much more damage... Before he does his spinning attack, he'll sway from left to right. At that moment, you'll see a strand of moss coming down from somewhere. Right before he starts spinning, attack the moss strand with your wrench. The strand will wrap around your wrench and when Mossman spins, you'll spin with him on the strand. Try to stay on until Mossman stops and gets dizzy and then stab him with the wrench and you'll drop off with the moss strand still attached as a whip. When Mossman does his stomping attack, blast both of his legs and he'll fall down for a few seconds. As he's on the ground, shoot him in the mouth as much as you can.


Hooves is the only optional boss in the game and you can fight him if you can find him. You'll find him by attacking (with either the wrench or the blaster) a loose clump of moss gathered by an opening. When the moss barrier is destroyed, a secret, swampy dojo is revealed. Before you battle Hooves, buy some items from Giraffey and heal/replenish your ammo. Hooves will then challenge you to a battle. If you win, you get one of the best characters in the game on your team. Hooves is not only one of the strongest and most difficult bosses in the game, but he is also one of the fastest and most agile as well. Like Mossman, Hooves has an array of strong attacks. His first and most basic attack, the Pork Chop, is a basic karate chop, but a lot stronger. When Hooves extends his arm to attack, either shoot the arm with your blaster or bonk it with the wrench to deal quite a bit of damage, as well as deflect the attack. A stronger attack of his is the wall jump/Pig Kick. In this attack, Hooves wall jumps and kicks downwards, dealing a lot of damage. When Hooves wall jumps, you'll want to shoot him with the blaster in the stomach to deal a bit of damage so that the attack is weaker. Then, Hooves will kick downwards. When he does this, you'll wanna' shoot Hooves while he's in the air, then dodge the attack and shoot him with the blaster once again. If you dodge it correctly, Hoove's foot will be lodged in the moss. It will take a few seconds for him to get his foot out, so you'll want to either shoot him with the blaster or hit him with the wrench as much as possible. His final, strongest, and least-used attack is Final Swine, where Hoove's eyes glow yellow and he rampages around the arena, violently hitting, kicking, and sending fireballs out at you as he yells. This is very difficult to dodge, but it is possible. When he rises in the air and his eyes begin to glow, you can either shoot him with a fully-charged laser sphere or jump and hit him with the wrench. When he starts his rampage, you must jump over him. DO NOT ATTACK HIM WHEN HE'S RAMPAGING EXCEPT FOR WHEN HE STARTS SHOOTING FIREBALLS!!! If you do attack him, you'll take the same amount of damage that you would've dealt to him!! However, when he starts shooting fireballs, deflect them at him with your wrench by either hitting them back or blocking them.

The Groo

The Groo is the only character in the game that you can fight as a boss and have the option of whether or not to let him join your team. His attacks are pretty basic and most of them are from past YoshiEgg games. His most basic attack, Groo Haymaker, can be dodged simply by moving the other way or shooting the fist when the aim cursor turns yellow. His next move, Body Slam, is a little harder to dodge. The Groo jumps in the air and you have a limited time to dodge before he lands on you and kills you in 1 hit. To counteract this move, look on the ground. Do you see a Groo shaped shadow? As the shadow gets bigger, The Groo falls faster. If you try to dodge the attack, The Groo falls in your direction, and after a while, he locks in on a point and falls only there. It's pretty annoying... Even when The Groo is almost going to hit you, he is still too high to laser blast, so you'll need to wait for him to fall until you can attack. If he locks on a point that is not where you are, wait for him to fall and then start attacking rapidly so you can get his damage down. If he locks on your position, you can do one of two things. You can move out of the way when he locks on you and wait for him to fall or you can use a one-time special attack with the wrench. If the aim cursor turns purple, you can press B to plant the wrench in the ground upwards under the shadow. When The Groo falls, the wrench will poke him in the soft underbelly, causing a ton of damage to be dealt. Another one of his attacks is Ram, in which The Groo rams into players as Wario does in SSBB. To counteract this, go around The Groo and shoot him in the back repeatedly with the laser blaster. DO NOT block him with the wrench, for The Groo will bend and break the wrench and you won't have it anymore.


The U.F.W is undoubtedly one of the strangest Fantendo bosses, hence the name Unidentified Flying Weirdo. He is also the most high-tech boss in the game. To beat him, you need to have unlocked the bazooka. If you haven't already, go to Tulip's store in Home Base after beating The Groo and buy it from her. The U.F.W is an alien/U.F.O hybird, so the exterior of it is mainly a very, very hard steel that the laser blaster and wrench won't even scratch. The bazooka is the only thing that will damage the U.F.W from the outside. The U.F.W flies in the air, so it's a little harder to even hit him than regular bosses. The U.F.W will first just start flying around you, so you'll want to shoot it with the bazooka as many times as possible. The U.F.W will then open up it's bottom "door", revealing a black alien blob. The blob is the real U.F.W, which drops out of the machine (the machine still flying) and then it will multiply into three smaller versions. Here, you can use the blaster and wrench. These blobs are easy to kill and they only deal a little damage to the boss. After you kill all of them, they will go back into one blob, which gets sucked back into the ship. Then, the U.F.W will start spinning around and ramming into you. You can shoot it with the bazooka to damage it and simply step away to dodge it. After that, it will start throwing down bombs. If you shoot the bombs with the bazooka as they fall, causing an explosion that deals damage to the U.F.W.


The Crackken, a giant, black, Loch-Ness Monster-type monster, is the second to last boss in the game and the second hardest one as well. The Crackken is strong, fast, and gigantic, but he is possible to defeat. The first attack that the Crackken usually uses is it's neck whip attack. In this attack, the Crackken tries to beat you off with it's neck and head. To avoid getting damaged by this, blast the neck or head (which ever one is closer) with the bazooka and blast the head three times with the laser blaster to deal the most damage. It's next attack, Crunch, is one of the strongest and most deadly attacks in the game. Being a one-hit KO attack, Crunch can not be avoided easily. When Crackken opens it's gaping jaws and gets close enough, the aim cursor will turn red. At that point, you should shoot the bazooka into it's throat. Then, when Crackken is stunned, quickly go down to one side of it's stomach. When the aim cursor turns red again, hit the spot on the stomach that the aim cursor is pointed at with the wrench. The bazooka missile will blow up inside Crackken, dealing a ton of damage to it. Another attack that the Crackken uses is Roar. Roar sends blasting soundwaves to push you away from him as well as deal a lot of damage. This is easily avoidable, however. When the Crackken opens it's mouth, blast it with the laser blaster 5 times. DO NOT blast it with the bazooka or the missile will come back at you when it roars!! Then, when the soundwaves come, the Crackken will choke and be stunned for a few seconds, giving you time to deal more damage.

Overman Supreme

This is it. The final boss battle. Everything leads up to this. It's Overman Supreme, and he's the toughest boss in the game. Overman Supreme has come back for a second time as a final boss and he is tougher than ever. He can now turn into any boss from any past YoshiEgg game. (But he only turns into 3...) His attacks take away half of your health every time. Sound impossible? Well, surprisingly, it's not... Overman Supreme will first use his first attack on his own, Shadow Blast. This is basically Samus's Final Smash in SSBB, but stronger and with shadow energy. When Overman puts his hand in the charging pose, (putting both hands out in front of him), shoot in the middle of the hands with the bazooka. Then, Overman Supreme will do his first transformation, the Gooper Blooper. Beat his Gooper Blooper form as in any YE or Mario game, by pulling his tentacles out and then pulling the cork out of it's mouth. You can do this by wrapping your wrench around one of the tentacles and pulling it off by backing up with the tentacle wrapped around your hand. Deal a little more damage by laser blasting a tentacle before it begins to hit you, which is Gooper Blooper form's only attack. After pulling all of the tentacles out, shoot a bazooka missile at the cork and Overman's Gooper Blooper form will explode. The regular Overman Supreme will then use Shadow Blast again and another unfairly strong move, Multiply. Multiply is when Overman multiplies into 7 different Overmen that circle around you and uses a weaker version of Shadow Blast. To avoid this move, when Overman Supreme multiplies, kill all of the other Overmen with the wrench except for the middle one in front of you, which is the real Overman. Overman will then use Shadow Blast again, this time being a bit stronger, and you can avoid it the same way. Then, Overman sends out three Assailants to keep you busy until he transforms into his next form, Butch, the ghostly, giant bull from YoshiEgg: Key. Again, you defeat his Butch form like you did in YE: Key. When Butch leans over to use his first attack, Grunt, (In which he blows you farther away from him by snorting at you.) you should shoot a bazooka missile in each nostril, then hit his nose ring with the wrench. His next attack, Bull Stomp, (in which he stomps on the ground violently) can be avoided by blasting each leg with the laser blaster, then shooting a bazooka missile at his underbelly. Overman's Butch form's final attack is Butch Buck, in which Butch follows you, locks onto your position, and bucks his legs like a donkey. This attack is a 1-hit kill. So, to avoid getting hit by this, shoot one of his hooves with the bazooka as he is bucking. You won't know which hoof it is until you point at it with the aim cursor and the aim cursor turns pink. When it turns pink, shoot the hoof and Butch will fall on his back, in which case you should jump on his stomach and plant the wrench in him, making him transform back into Overman Supreme. Then, Overman sends three more Assailants out as he uses Multiply again, which you should dodge once more. Overman Supreme then summons Spectur & Spiryt from YE: Key. Surprisingly, they are defeated easily and only have little shadow balls and punches as attacks. Shoot them a couple times with the bazooka and they should be taken care of. Then, Overman Supreme transforms into his final boss form, a twisted version of Dr. Claw, Haunty Mole, and The Groo combined, which he calls Overman Deluxe. (This is the only Overman boss form that hasn't been in a YE game yet.) Overman Deluxe has another array of odd, twisted attacks. One of them is Extend, in which he extends both arms and tried wrapping them around you like rubber bands. You can avoid this by swinging your wrench at the arms, wrapping the arms around the wrench and then being shot at Overman Deluxe's chest. When the aim cursor turns green and you're right by his chest, press the shoot button and the wrench will automatically unwrap itself and stab Overman Deluxe in the chest, getting rid of the The Groo side of him. (This causes one half of the body to fall off and the palm of the right arm to fall off.) Then, Overman Deluxe will use Extend with the other arm, and you should do the same thing. (No other side of him will fall off yet!) Suddenly, Overman Deluxe will take out a huge, fiery, spiked version of Dr. Claw's pickax. He will bang it on the ground 5 times and waves of fiery energy will shoot out at you. If you block them with your wrench, the wrench will set on fire, giving you a chance to inflict more damage to him. Attack the remaining energy waves with any of your weapons and they will bounce back at Overman Deluxe, inflicting more damage. Overman Deluxe will then be stunned for a few seconds, giving you time to hit him rapidly with your now fiery wrench. Then, the Dr. Claw side of Deluxe will fall off, making his remaining handless arm and half of the remaining half of his body fall off. (His pickax will also turn to ashes.) All that's left now is the Haunty Mole side. His Haunty Mole side releases a fiery version of Shadow Blast that follows you as you run. You can avoid this by shooting a bazooka missile in the middle of the fire blast, making it go in his mouth. Do this multiple times and the blast will get weaker and weaker. Soon, he will hiccup and swallow the remaining fire, inflicting major damage. He then turns to ashes. Congratulations! You've beaten the game!!

Overman Supreme
Overman Supreme:
WHAT?! You beat me?!? I can't believe this!! You must have gotten some help... Yes... That's it... Well, you won't be able to defeat me next time! And by "next time", I mean the Boss Battles mode!! But, before these people can show you things about Boss Battles, they must show you my other new mode, the Battle Royale, in which you battle through fierce enemies in a grueling tournament! It's so evil!! BWAHAHAHA!!!!

Try and stop me again, fools...

Battle Royale:


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