YoshiEgg & Bloop: A Crack in Time is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It could or could not be considered canon to the YoshiEgg (series). It released as a complete surprise to the public and was released just in time for the holidays on December 23, 2009. The name is a play on Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. It is also a Wii exclusive game.


  Time is falling apart. YoshiEgg Nook is left in a post-apocalyptic present with time holes opening everywhere, spawning enemies from his past and future adventures, as well as new enemies called the Assailants. His best friend and his girlfriend are nowhere to be seen and he expects that The Groo is behind it. After being chased by 2 Assailants, YoshiEgg is at a dead end until he spies a laser blaster. He killed the Assailants and looked in the distance. Bloop was floating over a pile of debris with a blaster in tentacle. So, YE met up with Bloop and they explored the new world...

  The two friends then are mysteriously taken to a space station-esque place codenamed Home Base, inhabited by robots. RoboEgg Nooktron1000 is waiting there for them with a holographic message from Tulip Nook. She says that she was kidnapped by The Groo and that time was being destroyed. She also said that the only way they could stop time from falling apart was if they traveled through time and space, defeated many enemies, rescue their captured friends, and find and vanquish The Groo. So, the heroes got on the spaceship provided to them by the robots and set off on their greatest adventure yet...

Playable Characters:

Important NPCs:

  • RoboEgg Nooktron 1000 - The robotic version of YoshiEgg. He was programmed to run YoshiEgg's shack while YoshiEgg was away.
  • Giraffey - Can only be seen as an easter-egg character in Moss Swamp. You can buy certain items from him for a cheap price.
  • Tulip Nook - YoshiEgg's girlfriend. After beating The Groo and/or letting him join your team, she appears at Home Base as a shopkeeper who sells exclusively healing items and some special ammo.

More to come...


  • Tantrumm - The sole living person in The Cursed Asylum. He kidnapped McBoo to harvest his paranormal powers. Even being the first and easiest boss, he still packs a punch and can use psychic and shadow powers to defeat your team. Spooky...
  • Mossman - A horrible, ugly swamp monster who resides in Moss Swamp. He kidnapped RedYoshi in order to try and make him his minion. Mossman is gigantic and what he lacks in speed and brains, he makes up for in strength. Being one of the strongest bosses in the game, you'd better watch out...
  • Hooves (Optional) - By entering a secret place in Moss Swamp, you'll see the karate-chopping pig himself training for something with his friend Giraffey by his side. He then challenges you to a more-than-difficult boss battle. He'll deflect any laser blasts with his hooves, so you've gotta' use either a wrench or bazooka to defeat this tough pig...
  • The Groo - Everyone's favorite huge red crocodile-thing. YoshiEgg and Bloop think that The Groo was causing time to fall apart, but The Groo actually has nothing to do with it... Or does he...? After a surprisingly short and easy boss battle, The Groo reluctantly joins your team in order to possibly resurrect more Groos from the past. You could also not let him join your team, in which case, he will walk back into his fortress and you won't be able to battle him again.
  • U.F.W - The Unidentified Flying Weirdo is a U.F.O and an alien genetically melded together who lives on Planet 45678. Being the most high-tech boss in the game, a regular wrench or laser blaster won't even leave a scratch on U.F.W's rock-hard material. You'll need something else...
  • Crackken - Since the Black Sea is from the future, so is the Crackken, a colossal sea beast. It came out of a time crack and with it's gaping jaws, spiked back, and blood-red eyes, it's not an easy target...
  • Overman Supreme - What?! But didn't you already take care of him in YoshiEgg: Key?! Well, no matter. His second appearance as a final boss, Overman Supreme is responsible for the time holes. Overman Supreme has the strength, speed, and agility of pretty much all of the bosses combined and he can take the form of any boss from any past game. He kidnapped M'Icho in order to use him as bait for YoshiEgg. You'll need your toughest weapons and best characters to vanquish this mysterious paranormal being...


The gameplay is similar to the Ratchet & Clank series, meaning it is mostly in 3rd person. You can use a variety of weapons and switch characters if you please. You can also buy items from certain NPCs, including Health Paks, weapons, and some new skins for certain characters. Using Nintendo WFC, you can buy some downloadable content, such as new missions and special weapons that give you special abilities. You can also travel through time and go to different periods of YoshiEgg and Bloop's life.


Wii Remote & Nunchuck:

A Button: Talk/Select/Jump

B Button: Shoot/Swing Wrench/Back

Move WiiMote: Aim

+: Pause

-: Switch Weapons

Nunchuck Control Stick: Move

Z: Zoom In/Out

C: Replenish Ammo


YoshiEgg & Bloop: A Crack in Time has multiplayer and online multiplayer modes. For regular multiplayer, you can play with just your friends and try to be the last man standing, you could team up and battle through waves of enemies, and you can play certain missions with your friends. Online multiplayer is where a party of up to 100 people can battle each other online using Nintendo WFC.


Using the WiiAchieve feature, you can gain special achievements for doing certain tasks. Unlocking them all will allow you to gain golden weapons and skins. The achievements are listed below...

KEY: * = Optional

Ahievement... How to Achieve
First Blood Kill your first enemy.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Kill over 5 enemies in a row with a blaster without taking damage.
Tanooki Trouble Kill over 10 enemies with YoshiEgg.
Blooper Blasts Kill over 10 enemies with Bloop
All By Yourself!! Beat the first level.
Equipped Buy your first item.
Screw THIS... Unlock the Wrench.
This place is WEIRD... Beat The Cursed Asylum level. (The first one.)
McBOOO!!! Get McBoo to join your team.
Master of Disguise Equip your first skin.
Great Scott... Time-travel for the first time.
Red Steed Get RedYoshi to join your team.
KA-BLAMMO!!!! Unlock the Bazooka.
To kids from 1 to 92... Equip the Santa skin on any character.
Online Junkie Use Nintendo WFC.
*Groo Lover Let The Groo join your team.
*Groo Hater Don't let The Groo join your team.
Definitely NOT Planet 51... Beat the Planet 45678 level.

These Claws Were Made For Clawin'...

Let O'Lantern join your team.

10x2 Get 20 achievements.
HUB master Visit Home Base 50 times.
Beat 'em up! Unlock the Battle Royale.
Yo ho, Yo ho... Let William Scratch join your team.
HI-YAAAH!!! Beat Hooves and let him join your team.
Woah... Beat Crackken without taking any damage.
EPIC FAIL!!! Get 3 Game Overs in a row.
Crack Monger Fall or go through a time crack and die.
Ach'iev'emen't # 2'8 Let M'Icho join your team.
You Pwn! Beat the Battle Royale on Very Hard.
You're the Overman! Defeat Overman Supreme.
The Gang's All Here... Unlock every character.
Downloader Download content off of Nintendo WFC.
You Did It!! Beat the game.
You Did It!! (Twice!!) Beat the game twice.
Battle 'Dem Bosses! Unlock Boss Battles Mode.
Rookie Beat Boss Battles on Normal.
Pro Boss-Battler Beat Boss Battles on Very Hard.
Gotta' Shoot 'Em All... Unlock all weapons.
What?! All Of Them?! ALREADY?!? Unlock all 40 achievements.


See YoshiEgg & Bloop: A Crack in Time/Cheats...


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