YoshiEgg: WiiWare is the second YoshiEgg Day 2010 game by Omegaverse Corp. It is for WiiWare and is similar to the original YoshiEgg games.


YoshiEgg Nook, Bloop, Tulip Nook and Item Master were all selling items at YoshiEgg's shack. Suddenly, YoshiEgg felt something powerful coming from the sky. He looked up. Flyght (who originated from the Nightwolf series' Crimsonwolf saga) burst out of the sky. Flyght was holding McBoo, RedYoshi, Nightwolf, 3.14, Lemmykoopa24 and Purple Koopa Bro. YoshiEgg looked up, and made a face as if to say What the heck? For some reason, Flyght seemed to know what YE was thinking. "Ah, don't you see, my poor, poor, speachless friend? All of these heroes are fundamental to the worlds order. Now tell me, young tanooki, what would I want with these?" YoshiEgg didn't understand. "Oh, that's right, you don't know who I am, much less how to answer questions! Ahahahahhahaha! You see, the world will soon be plunged into darkness." "Who are you?" said Item Master. "Tell us now!" said Tulip. "My name is Flyght. Come to my castle in my realm to learn my plans." "I'll bet your working with Haunty Mole, The Groo, Dr. Claw, Overman Supreme, or any conbination of the four!" yelled Bloop. "Hmm? No, not this time. Haunty Mole, The Groo, and Dr. Claw are not aware of my presence. And Overman Supereme has been taken care of..."

More to come...