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This is cheat page for YoshiEgg: Time Travel Adventures.

Tulip Nook
Tulip Nook:
Hi! I see that you're interested in our new game, YoshiEgg: Time Travel Adventures. Like you know, YoshiEgg, Bloop and me got send to past. So we must find a way to return to present. There are some useful cheats that help you in game. You can find some secrets too!

Well, i got to go. Bye!

Cheat Codes


Boss Help

So you come to this category? You cheater! Well, don't think that this guide will help you in fight agaist me!

Happy reading, cheater.

The Groo

As he is first boss of game, he is preety easy. He is an slow boss, but with good power. He attack by jumping, and them body slaming. He can also kick and punch. Later, he can heal himself. He can easily been defeated when M'Icho is your partner, as he is weak to thunders.

Haunty Mole

He is an extremely fast boss, and has a high defence, but low strenght. He try to dodge attacks by digging into ground, and later pop up to random part of battlefield. He can also slash enemies with his claws, and heal Dark Atomic Boo. If you beat Dark Atomic Boo first, he would also trying to summon normal Dark Boos.

Dark Atomic Boo

Instead of being that quick like Haunty Mole, he is rather a power type. He have unique ability to scare your partners. He can smack enemies with his hands, and to turn invisible. He can also stun you using his tongue.


He is one of hardest bosses in game. He can eat and them split out you. He can also make Ground Pound, Egg Throw and Egg Roll. While near defeat, he throw your partner into a hole and because of this, your partner cannot fight. He can also steal your items, and later use them agaist you.

Cameos and Easter Eggs

Teehee! Welcome to cameos and easter eggs section! I will show you some cameos made by others! I sure that some well known characters will make at least a small cameo!
  • Mario makes a small cameo appearance. His hat appears in one of houses in past Tanooki City.
  • Luigi makes a cameo appearance. His hat is in Item Master's shop, but you can't buy it.

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