YoshiEgg: Time Travel Adventure
Developer(s) MFGCLogo
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Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2011

25px-Flag of USA TBA 2011

25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2011

25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2011

Genre(s) Action/RPG
Media Included Wii Optical Dics
YoshiEgg: Time Travel Adventures is a game created by Vaccum Inc. as a game for YoshiEgg Day 2010. It released for Wii and Wii3D, and also uses WiiAchieve system. This game includes return of some little know YoshiEgg characters. It have a fan-fic series based of it named YoshiEgg Adventures: The Time Traveler.


Gameplay is similiar to this in Tanooki Hearts, but is slighty different.

YoshiEgg Nook, Bloop and Tulip Nook have ability to time travel in this game, but at beggining you can only travel to past and future. Present will be unlocked later.

There is also thing named Magic Bar. If it's filled with magic, you can unleash special Magic Smash. Everyone Magic Smash is different, and uses another element. To fill Magic Bar with magic, you must get Magic Balls. It's needed to get 100 of them to Magic Bar be full.

You can also get partners. They're all different and can be found in various places. Like playable characters, partners can also use Magic Smash, but to use them, you must get full Magic Bar, and touch your partner. You can have by you two partners.

Instead of Keyblades, characters have weapons. You can find various weapons, each character got differents.

You can also buy armors. They can increase defence or speed. Rhode wear a armor from beggining, however you can take it out.



Tanooki City - A small town. M'Icho and YoshiEgg family lives here.

McBoo's Mansion - McBoo's Mansion while it was still peaceful and while Dark Troop wasn't exist.

Galaxy Stadium - Little space observatory. It's not very big, and there is smallest amout of characters.

Tanooki Castle - Big and beauty castle where legendary tanookis lived before. Rhode can be found here.

War Mountain - Mountain where wars of Tanooki Tribe and Groo Tribe takes place. In past, there are still many wars here placed.

Flower Paradise - Preety garden where various flowers are planted and later live there. YoshiEgg's rival, Item Master, lives here.

Claw's Labolatory - Labolatory of still nice and good Dr. Claw. Here he study about old legends.

Supreme Cave - Empty cave. There is nothing to search.


Tanooki City - Previously a small town, that is now turned into city. It's very peaceful.

McBoo's Mansion - Big and scary mansion. McBoo is encoutered here.

Galaxy Stadium - A spaceship with many rooms.

Tanooki Castle - Castle that is turned into museum.

War Mountain - Mountain where battles between Tartan Army and English Army are placed.

Flower Paradise - Even preetier garden. Item Master's son, Item Master Jr., is also here.

Claw's Labolatory - Huge labolatory. Because Claw destroyed Omega Castle, Lemmy and others are here.

Supreme Cave - Here takes place battle between YoshiEgg and others and Overman Supreme and Tanooki Wizard.


Tanooki City - Giant city. There is that many houses and Tanookis that is easy to get lost.

McBoo's Mansion - House of many ghosts. The mansion so long has been haunted, that it is creepier that always.

Galaxy Stadium - Huge platform in galaxy. There tourmanent takes place every a month.

Tanooki Castle - Museum. It have now have super security systems.

War Mountain - A mountain. You can there see how battles agaist Groos and Tanookis looked.

Flower Paradise - Beautyfull garden. There is a big swiming pool, where flowers rest.

Claw's Labolatory - Labolatory with many advanced technology.

Supreme Cave - Like in past, there is nothing to search.


YoshiEgg was having another adventure, so he decides to take a little trip from them. He taken Bloop and Tulip with him. They go to an calm town named Tanooki City, where everything was peaceful. When they set a house, a tent appear from somewhere. This tent was owned by magican named Tanooki Wizard. They get inside tent and magican asked if they want to know they future. Each one of they agrees. He said that they will have a great adventure, but not only in this timeline. After this, he throw at them magic dust, and they fall asleep, and get teleported to past. When YoshiEgg gets up, he meet M'Icho, who explain him about his time traveling abilities. YoshiEgg Nook them found his friends and say that they're in another time, but they can teleport to present. M'Icho said them that they are too weak to go to present and must find 7 Time Guardiand and combine their power to let them to travel to present. Three friends now go to find Time Guardians, and return to their time!After finding 7 Time Guardians, YoshiEgg Nook and others get teleported to present. However, they are in long distance from Tanooki CIty, so they must go there. When they get here, they see that city is complety destroyed. When they got into their house, they see Tanooki Wizard talking with Overman Supreme, that because YoshiEgg isn't here, they can take over city, and later, whole world in all timelines. Unlucky for them, Tanooki Wizard sees them, and duo start to fight with heroes. After defeating evil duo, YoshiEgg send his friends to their world in their timeline. YoshiEgg, Bloop and Tulip return to home, and promises to not go on trip here.


Playable Characters



Time Guardians




Here are items that can be found in game:

HP Rescoring Items

Cake - Delicious cake. You can obtain them while talkin with YE's Mother while YYE is partner. You must later do her quests to obtain them.

Mushroom - Good old mushrooms. You can find them in Flower Paradise.

Cookie - Sweet cookie. You can buy them in all shops.

Honey Jar - Jar that have honey inside. You can buy it in Item Master's Shop.

Egg - Eggs. You can buy them in Item Master Jr.'s Shop.

1- Up Mushroom - A mushroom that fully rescores your health.


Laser Blaster - YoshiEgg Nook's beggining weapon. It's good weapon for begginers.

Slain Slayer - Rhode's beggining weapon. It's have balanced statistics.

Kicking Shoes - Shoes that let you kick with more speed and power.

Dagger - Defeat Battle Skull 1 time.

Blade - Defeat Battle Skull 2 times.

Sword - Defeat Battle Skull 3 times.

Tanookey - YoshiEgg's Keyblade. It make him to have similiar attacks to Rhode, and boost power.


Rhode's Armor - Armor that Rhode normaly wear. If you take it from Rhode, he will look more like an tanooki that an hedgehog.

Baseball Hat - A hat that is able to be weared only by Bloop and Young YoshiEgg. It will protect more from attacks on head.

Tatran Mask - Mask that will make your face look like Clyde. It will defend you from attack to face.

Sailant Hat - A top hat that look like Sailant's one. It block you from laser attacks.

Belt - Belt for you to wear. It increase your defence.

YoshiEgg's Apron - Apron that YoshiEgg wears. It boost your defence by some.

Special Items

Fire Flower - If you eat one, you can throw fireballs withoung using magic.

Ice Charm - Charm that protect you from any kind of ice attacks.

Weak Destroyer - Instantly beat weaker enemies.

Cheap Attack - You can use Magic Smash with smaller magic energy.

Mini Mushroom - Shrinks you, and let you to enter mini pipes.

Thief Mask - Enemies left items when defeated.

Dark Mask - It will make your characters be coloured in black.

Magic Smash

Magic Smash are magical and special attack that YoshiEgg and others can use. Partners can also use them. Here is list:

YoshiEgg Nook - Gun Upgrade - YoshiEgg upgrades his gun and shoot a big laser. This attack deal great amout of damage.

Bloop - Ink Blaster - Bloop spins around like crazy, and when he stops, he got great power, and unleash a giant ink ball. This attack deal many damage, and stun enemies.

Tulip Nook - Kiss Shoot - Tulip Nook thow a little heart thing that get langer every moment. After it touch enemies, they will be stuned for around 15 seconds.

McBoo - Scary Face - McBoo makes really scary face. It will make enemies espace from battle.

Rhode - Reaction Command - Rhode makes a combo of attacks on an enemy using his Keyblade. It will instanly defeat this enemy, however, it wont instanly beat bosses.

CrackedEgg Nook - Black Hole Shooter - Cracked get his shooter, and shoot black holes at enemies. It will trap enemies in and later lauches enemies with great power.

Partners Magic Smash

Partners Magic Smash work similiar to Magic Smashs, but only partners can use them.

O'Lantern - Claw Storm - O'Lantern throw clawes like boomerangs, and later take enemies in tornado like storm. Enemies will take great amout of damage, and be weaker.

Young YoshiEgg Nook - Tennis Play - YYE will turn battle area into tennis court, and takes his rocket out. He will them shooting enemy like ball, and later throw them in air. This Magic Shoot make enemies unable to attack, and their's defence will be lower.

M'Icho - Thunder Rage - M'Icho summon a big thunder, that not only stun enemies, but make enemies unable to control and deal great amout damage to enemies.

Thunder Nook - Laser Whip - Thunder takes his whip made from laser and whips enemies with it. This attack makes enemies crazy and deal damage.

Purple Koopa Bro. - Shell Tornado - PKB get into his shell and start spining into enemies. This later turn into tornado. This attack makes enemies crazy and deal damage.

Clyde - Tartan Army - Clyde get his whistle and summon Tartan Army. This will instantly defeat enemies, but this don't work for bosses.

Lemmykoopa24 - Battle Skull Summon - Lemmykoopa24 summon Battle Skull that help you during fight. He attack using his sword.

Downloadable Concept

Downloadable concept is new thing to YE series. You can download various worlds, playable characters, NPCs, enemies and Bosses from YE series and from some others. You can also ask to your characters and world be in game.


Deep Galaxy - Deep part of galaxy. It's based upon YoshiEgg's Adventures space place.

Skeleton Graveyard - Graveyard where many skeletons are placed. It's based upon YoshiEgg & CrackedEgg: The Staff of the Dead.

Playable Characters






This game, like YoshiEgg & Bloop: Shades of Purple and YoshiEgg & Bloop: A Crack in Time, uses WiiArchive system. There are possible achievements:

Achievent How to obtain
Jump to Past Teleport to past first time.
Spin to Future Teleport to future first time.
Tanooki Gamer Play as YoshiEgg, Tulip and Rhode 25 times.
Squidy! Play as Bloop 50 times.
S-S-SCARY!!!! Visit present McBoo's Mansion and unlock McBoo.
I will cut you! Use Thunder Nook as partner for first time.
Frighting Showdown Defeat Haunty Mole and Dark Atomic Boo as McBoo using O'Lantern as partner.
They're both of us? Unlock Young YoshiEgg as partner.
Good Jump! Jump on 5 Goombas withoung touching ground.
Who cracked time? Defeat YoshiEgg Nook (Cracked).
I LIEK TENNIS! Use YYE's Magic Smash, Tennis Play for first time.
Hey! I did it! Win game for first time.
Hmm... Delicious! Get 2 cakes from YoshiEgg's Mother.
You... Beat Master. Defeat Battle Skull 3 times.
Magic Fight

Fight a Magickoopa with Lemmykoopa24 as partner.

Tanooki Hearts Play as Rhode with Slain Slayer and YoshiEgg with Tanookey.
You are a good thief! Defeat 10 enemies using Thief Mask.
Scotland vs England Defeat Flame as McBoo with Clyde as your partner.
Congratulation! You complete the game! Finish game 100%.

D.I.Y. Mode

After you beat the game 100%, you can create your own levels in the game. You can even create your own game using elements from this game! It's possible to also use the downloadable concept for creating your own levels.



Boss Encouter Theme

Boss Fight Themes


List of cheats can be found here.


  • Bloop is only character that appear in present form, past form and future form.