YoshiEgg: Tilt N' Tumble is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is the eighth game in the YoshiEgg (series) and the second game in the YoshiEgg Expanded series. It is for the DS Tilt and comes with YoshiEgg themed stickers for your DST.


  After the events of the previous game, YoshiEgg Nook and McBoo woke up in a creepy forest, most likely not in The Mushroom Kingdom. YoshiEgg was still in full Boo form and couldn't transform back. So, the two ghosts explored the forest until coming across The Groo and Haunty Mole. "So, we meet again, Tanooki..." said The Groo. YE glared at him, ready to fight. "Oh, YoshiEgg..." said Haunty Mole, "I'm afraid you won't be fighting us any time soon... McBoo. Come." Suddenly, McBoo unwillingly shot over to Haunty Mole. "Since I took over McBoo's Mansion and all of King Boo's minions..." said Haunty Mole, "And since McBoo is technically one of King Boo's minions, we now have control. And I'm sorry to say that there's nothing you can do about it..." YE charged up a shadow ball, but McBoo nodded, a gesture telling him to stay back and not shoot. "Overman Supreme and the others recruited me, in case you were wondering," said The Groo, "To assure that our plans would go well... And there's nobody that can help you..." "Well, maybe that blooper friend of yours might be of assisstance..." said Haunty Mole, "But we've made sure that you can't find much of anybody..." Bloop! YoshiEgg had completely forgotten about his blooper buddy when he was scared silly by about 500,000 ghosts and ghouls. He tired to muster up a "Where is he?!", but, being mute, all that could come out were a couple low-pitched gurgles. "Alright." said The Groo, "Don't get too steamed... Now that we have McBoo, we have you two right where..." Before The Groo could finish, YoshiEgg punched both villains in the face and escaped with McBoo. Haunty Mole's power over McBoo broke, for McBoo was too far away. Suddenly, YE transformed back into his original form and the two went into a nearby town...

  The two friends later found out that they were somewhere in between Hyrule and The Mushroom Kingdom. They then found out that there was a masquerade ball later on in the night. If they went, they could escape The Groo and Haunty Mole, who, at this point, were probably hot on their trail.

More to come...

Playable Characters/Helpers:

YoshiEgg Nook (playable)

Bloop (playable)

McBoo (helper) (licks enemies and stuns them)

O'Lantern (helper) (throws pumpkin bombs)

Tulip Nook (helper) (throws flower like ninja star to kill multiple foes)


World 1: The Groo & Haunty Mole

World 2: Haunty Nook (Haunty Mole's Tanooki transformation)

World 3: Spectur & Spiryt (The two ghosts are back and upgraded)

World 4: The Wolf (The Groo's wolf transformation)

World 5: McBoo (Ordered to attack by his new commanders)

World 6: Haunty Groo (Haunty Mole and The Groo fused together)

World 7: Tulip Nook (Forced to attacked like McBoo)

World 8: The Groo, Haunty Mole, Spectur, Spiryt, and Butch (4 of the bosses and one of the previous bosses from YE: Key are back)



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