YoshiEgg: Sea of Black is a CGI-animated feature-length film based on the YoshiEgg Series. It is rated PG-13 and it is similar to YoshiEgg Adventures in that it does not stray from the exact details and canon of the series it is based on. It uses the same type of animation as most YE games, making it extremely similar and almost identical to other YE games' cutscenes. A game based on the movie is rumored to be in the works, but this is not confirmed.


First Trailer/Teaser Trailer:

The first teaser trailer for the movie featured a heavily cloaked and masked figure slowly walking East in the dark on what looks to be Laser Tagged. In the background, the intro to The Saints Are Coming by U2 & Green Day is playing as he walks. In one of the figure's hands is a map, and in the other is a slightly glowing green ball with a yellow arrow pointing down on it, which he is tossing up and catching in his hand. As he gets to the edge of the planet, he firmly grasped the ball, raised it in the air, and lept off of the planet. The camera focuses inside his mask for a few seconds and zooms in on his eyes, which slowly close as he falls head-first into space below. As his eyes close, the first verse of The Saints Are Coming plays, a little louder than the previous intro. After a few seconds, the camera cuts to a black screen with golden text that says "Get ready." Then, it cuts to another black screen with the green text "YE" centered at the top, and then "2011" in the same text farther to the bottom.

Second Trailer/Full Trailer


Plot Synopsis:



More to come...





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