YoshiEgg: Key is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling. It is the seventh game in the YoshiEgg (series) and the first in the YoshiEgg Expanded series. It is for the Nintendo Wii. The gameplay is similar to that of Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario Galaxy.


One day, at McBoo's Mansion, YoshiEgg Nook was going to visit his friend McBoo when he discovered he was missing. YoshiEgg looked all over the mansion, in doors, in closets, everywhere, but still no McBoo. YoshiEgg had searched for over three hours and was about ready to give up when he saw a room he hadn't checked yet. So, he went in the room, only to discover it was empty. Suddenly, a chest appeared in the middle of the room. It was unlocked. YoshiEgg, a little frightened, opened the chest to uncover a key. YoshiEgg picked up the key and looked at it in astonishment. It vaguely looked like the one that he and the gang unlocked the Picture Box with. He rummaged through the rest of the chest. In the chest were souvenirs all his past adventures; the handle to his old pooper - scooperthe bandages he had worn when The Groo had injured himthe baggie that held the Cheep-Cheep sandwich they had used to lure The Groo away from his rampage of hungerthe pickax that Dr. Claw had tried to kill McBoo with and an old Yoshi riding license. Then, YoshiEgg found one more thing in the chest... A note. He unfolded the note and read what it said...

You've found my chest... You've found my chest... You've found it... You've found it... Someone has found my chest... Someone...

The rest of the letter hadn't been written yet.

YoshiEgg decided to go show Bloop his amazing find and ran out of the room with the key, souvenirs, and note. The chest then disappeared into thin air when he ran out and the door closed by itself.

Meanwhile, deep in the mansion, O'Lantern, Ghoularry, and Akro Bat were looking for McBoo, too. They had looked everywhere YE had looked and everywhere else, but still no McBoo. Then, Akro Bat decided that the ghostly gang should go into the cellar. Ghoularry and O'Lantern were afraid to go in, but Akro Bat dragged them in by his fangs. Suddenly, they heard a moan coming from deeper into the cellar. They floated down to find an injured E. Gadd sprawled on the floor. They went to go help him, but the second they glided over to him, E. Gadd's spirit shot out of his body and into the sky. Then, a whole vortex of ghosts swirled around the three ghosts. They ran out of the room as the vortex of ghosts engulfed the room in a ghostly gulp...

YoshiEgg tried pulling the door open, but it was stuck. Suddenly, it electricuted YE, sending him on the floor. Then, another vortex of ghosts started engulfing the lobby. In the middle of the vortex were two ghosts that vaguely looked like Mario and Luigi. "We are Spectur and Spiryt, minions of Haunty Mole and Overman Supreme. This mansion is now ours, as is your spirit..." The green Tanooki was beginning to get a little scared and confused, so he tried punching Spectur, the one that looked like Mario, in the face, only to fall through him. "Prepare to die..." said Spectur. Suddenly, the vortex of ghosts swirled around YE, making him fall onto the ground. Then, YoshiEgg's spirit shot out of his body as E. Gadd's had, but the spirit went into the hands of Spectur. "You are now ours." said Specur and Spiryt at the same time as they disappeared into thin air, along with the vortex of ghosts. There was a banging sound coming from one of the doors upstairs and after all the ghosts disappeared, the door opened and the three ghosts came out. They saw YoshiEgg on the ground and rushed to help him. As Ghoularry put his and on YE's hand to feel if he had a pulse, he sprang to life. As the ghosts asked him what happened to him, Ghoularry's hand went through YE's hand. "Oh no..." said O'Lantern, staring at YE. YE gave him a worried look as to say "What is it?" O'Lantern then explained that Spectur and Spiryt were the evil ghost versions of Mario and Luigi. They worked for Haunty Mole and another, more evil ghostly overlord named Overman Supreme. Overman Supreme had recently given Spectur, Spiryt, and Haunty Mole the power to strip people of their bodies as a plan to take over the universe using their paranormal power. Haunty Mole had told Spectur, Spiryt, and Overman Supreme about YE, McBoo, and the other ghosts and how much of pests they were, so Overman Supreme put Haunty Mole in second command and sent Spectur and Spiryt to strip YoshiEgg of his body, since he was the only mortal one of the group. So, they set traps for YE to trigger and sure enough, they had succeded in obtaining his body. Now, they had YE's body and YE was a spirit, half Boo. They also had McBoo locked up somewhere in the mansion, probably as bait to the other ghosts. Ghoularry also told YE that he could transform into full Boo YoshiEgg, but he could only use his tounge powers and floating/going through stuff powers for a limited time. YE then asked the ghosts about the key, note, and souvenirs, but they didn't know what it was. But, Akro Bat detected strong surges of paranormal power emitting off of the key, so he said it may be of use to them in the future. So, with the help of his newfound Boo powers, the ghosts, and E. Ghost, who had decided to help YE and the gang enhance their paranormal powers with inventions if they would help him get his body back, YoshiEgg Nook set off on his quest for McBoo and his body and to find out the mystery of the key in his spookiest adventure yet...

Playable Characters

YoshiEgg Nook (playable)

O'Lantern (helper) (throws exploding pumpkin bombs to kill enemies)

Ghoularry (helper) (throws party hat like a boomerang and kills multiple enemies)

Akro Bat (helper) (swoops down and bites enemies on the neck and poisons them)

McBoo (unlockable) (helper) (licks enemies and stuns them for 3 seconds)


World 1: Haunty Mole

World 2: Gar Goyle (An abnormally large Gargoyle)

World 3: Spectur and Spiryt

World 4: G.E.U.S.A. (One of E. Ghost's inventions gone wrong. Stands for Ghost Exterminator Ultra Super Awesome)

World 5: Possessed Furnature (The possessed furnature in the living room)

World 6: Butch (A giant ghost bull with Spectur and Spiryt on him)

World 7: G.E.U.S.A. V2 (E. Ghost tried to upgrade it. It didn't work. Alot stronger than original)

World 8: Overman Supreme (The ghostly overlord. Strongest boss)

Ending (Spoiler Alert!!)

After defeating Overman Supreme, YoshiEgg and the ghosts went to go get YoshiEgg's body, which was laying in the middle of the room under a spotlight. (Odd...) Just as YoshiEgg reached down to retrieve it, the now badly injured Spectur, Spiryt, and Haunty Mole came out of the blue and took his body in their hands. "You're not getting away that easily, Tanooki..." said Spectur. Suddenly, The Groo dropped down from the roof. "...'Cause we have a new ally..." continued Spectur. The Groo laughed meniachally as he, Haunty Mole, and the Ghostly Bros. summoned a ghostly vortex that sucked all of them in, including the heroes. YoshiEgg's key suddenly lit up and went in the middle of the vortex as a black and red swirling portal opened up and engulfed the whole mansion...

To be continued...


The controls are similar to the controls of Boo Mario in SMG. You use the Nunchuck/D-Pad to move around, shake the WiiMote to disappear, press A to float up, press B to summon a helper, press Z to chuck shadow balls, (only in one or two boss battles) press A and B to pause, and press + and - to zoom out or in. Most menu controls you use by moving the WiiMote cursor to the desired icon or use the nunchuck control stick and press A or press B to go back to gameplay.



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