YoshiEgg: Keeping Shop is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it's a game by YoshiEgg (tbc), please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is the fourth game in the YoshiEgg series.


It was a peaceful day at YoshiEgg's shack. YoshiEgg Nook and Bloop were selling many heroes their items. It became the hot spot for items. Later that day, many, many people came and wanted items. Then, more came! And more! Soon, the whole place around the shack was filled with people wanting items! Now, YoshiEgg and Bloop have to hand out the right items to the right people and sell the items to these people in the course of five days or they'll go out of business!

Playable Characters:

  • YoshiEgg (default) (gives items to people at a normal rate)
  • Bloop (default) (gives items to people at a faster rate)
  • McBoo (after level one) (gives items to people at a more-than-normal rate)
  • RYBoshi (after level three) (gives items to people at an alarmingly fast rate)


Day 1: Old, Needy Lady

Day 2: Angry Old Man

Day 3: Little, Confused Boy

Day 4: The Groo


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