There is something

that I see in you

it might kill me

I want it to be true
Paramore, Decode

YoshiEgg: Immortal Brotherhood is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Being a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is a game in the YoshiEgg Series for the Nintendo 3DS, Hybrid Delta, and NextGen Bluevolt consoles. It takes a somewhat darker turn from typical YoshiEgg games, and it also differs in gameplay, going back to YoshiEgg: Tilt N' Tumbles third-person action-adventure Zelda-esque gameplay. It is rated T for Teen.


The gameplay of Immortal Brotherhood strongly resembles that of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and other such titles. You play as YoshiEgg Nook and can use a number of attacks, including punches, kicks, tail swipes, and you can also make use of your shadow powers. The first three (Melee Attacks) have unlimited use, while the use of YoshiEgg's shadow powers is limited by his Shadow Bar located in the game's HUD next to his Health Bar. The Shadow Bar gradually depletes as YoshiEgg uses his shadow abilities, but then gradually increases as time goes by without using the powers. A variety of weapons are also available in the game, and are available through the village's item shop and from being obtained from the ground. As YoshiEgg levels up in the game, his attacks become stronger, he gains more health, and his Shadow Bar is less prone to depletion and fills back up faster. The game also features a Multiplayer mode, where the player and three other friends can play locally and wirelessly through quests throughout the game, and also trade items and save files that they have gotten throughout the game.


YoshiEgg Nook, popular and mighty Tanooki hero of The Mushroom Kingdom, had gotten a tip of strange disappearances in a village located in a woodland area outside of the kingdom. Being the hero that he is, and his friend and sidekick Bloop being on vacation, YoshiEgg decided to investigate. After a long trip northeast of the kingdom, YoshiEgg came across a rather large dreary-skied woodland area with a lush amount of trees, and within it, a small village. It didn't take long for YoshiEgg to realize, upon entering the village, that it was almost completely inhabited by Tanookis, not unlike himself. He quickly decided to take up residence in the village and mingle with the locals in order to investigate and possibly find some more of his kind to socialize with.

However, soon into his investigation, YoshiEgg found that a number of the locals were acting very suspiciously, namely a group of six Tanookis: Lucard, a fellow of YoshiEgg's stature with very pink eyes, Arturo, a grey Tanooki with paranoid tendencies, Julian, a dark red Tanooki with a lavishly decorated black leather apron that he tends to be very protective of, Dimitri, a rather tall and lanky red Tanooki who wears long black robes, Magdalene, a beautiful dark grey female Tanooki who tends to wear a cape and is rather flirtatious (especially with YoshiEgg, so it seems); she prefers to be called Maggie, and Godric, a short and young black Tanooki who is clingy to his peers. Everyone in the village seemed to be wary of them, spreading gossip to YoshiEgg wherever he went. Naturally, YoshiEgg decided to investigate their doings.

Soon enough, YoshiEgg found out that every couple of weeks, Lucard and his friends went out deep into the woods and did what the other locals described as "God knows what". YoshiEgg decided to follow them into the woods, and it was there that he discovered a grim secret about the friends; they were vampires, as evidenced by the group sucking the blood of a wayward deer. Upon seeing this, however, Lucard and his friends spotted YoshiEgg within the trees and began to chase him into the village.

More to come...

Playable Characters:


  • Wooden Steak - A standard wooden steak; typically used as a sword-like weapon.
  • Dagger - A standard, albeit lengthy, knife.
  • Wooden Plank - A standard wooden floorboard.
  • Sword - A standard sword, used for close combat.
  • Mallet - A bulky mallet; the perfect heavy weapon.
  • Pistol - A compact firearm, armed with silver bullets.




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