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Yoshi: Upsies: Downsies is a sequel to Yoshi Topsy-Turvy (GBA) for the Wii. Coming with a Wii Wheel, it is a 3D side-scrolling platform, somewhat like Super Paper Mario only with mixes of Yoshi's Story.


Yoshi was taking a nap, until he was kidnapped. When he woke up, he discovered he was evacuated from Yoshi's Island. He saw the Spirit of Surprises again suddenly. He said that Hongo again sealed Yoshi's Island, but decided to save the hero first, and be sent to a city. Not wanting to go, the Spirit of Surprises sent him the Tilt Magic, and sent Yoshi off into the book.

Spirit #1: The Spirit of Music

"I miss my old tunes. Hey! You! Green lizard-thing! That odd-looking Turtle er dragon thing smashed all the Music Boxes. Now all E, G, B, D, and F has been hidden! Can you please find them?"

Your mission in this is to find E, G, B, D, and F scattered in maze-like levels.

"Oh thank heavens! My music is back! Please take this Music Box."

After going back to the desk, a part of Yoshi's Island restores. The Music Box is said to power something, has the Spirit of Surprises says that is.

Spirit #2: The Spirit of Humor

"I think my health gone down all because of the bad Piranha Plants eating all the funny how-tos. Hey, I haven't seen something funny in so long! *Yoshi grows steam on his head angry* I don't think pain is funny. Could you cheer me up so I can get funny-ness back?"

Your goal in these missions are to defeat enemies in humorous ways (having enemies defeat others, being hit into pits, etc.).

"Hahahahahaahahaahaahhahaha! I feel like giggling my voice box out! Please take this heheheeh water balloon. HAHAHAH I can picture you chucking it at someone. Please do so, and invite me to see!"

After going back to the desk, the Spirit of Surprises says that you are going to have to use it for something to do with the music box.

Spirit #3: The Spirit of Food

"Ooh, I'm so hungry! Hey! Is lizard edible? *Yoshi steps back* Hey sorry! I wasn't really going to eat you! Sorry, I'm just so hungry I may deflate like a Balloon. Can you get me something to eat, like some eggs or something?"

In these missions, you have to get a certain amount of eggs, and not use them.

"Yummy! I love these eggs? Where'd you get them? Yum yum! My balloon is now puffed! But this one looks nasty. You can keep this."

After returning to the desk, the nasty egg is said to be cracked open and used for something.


Like most side-scrolling games for the Wii, you hold the Remote sideways, move with the D-Pad, and jump with the 2 button. The 1 uses Yoshi's tongue. Pressing B can toss the egg. If the player is to hold 2, they will flutter jump. Pressing A tells your mission again, Why it comes with a Wii Wheel? It makes it easier to tilt. You tilt to move things, except for the ground and Yoshi.

Has the people promised, this game was not has repetitive has the prequel. This one has new obstacles every few levels.

2 Player Mode

They can either race, or Battle. In battle, there are different colour platforms, and only that player's Yoshi colour that can be tilt. Various enemies will march in, or hearts will fly by. However falls down a pit or gets hurt 3 times loses.

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