Yoshi: Kamek's Revenge
Developer(s) Kalee the Daisy's Flower
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) RPG
 Yoshi: Kamek Revenge is a RPG game created of Kalee the Daisy´s Flower based on the Yoshi's Island series.


Kamek sends his minions to kidnap all the Yoshis they can find, Green Yoshi is kidnapped but his best friends manage to save him at the cost of being kidnapped themselves, and as Green Yoshi sets out to explore the land and rescue his friends he finds out that a dark force is slowly taking over the island, with nobody being able to do anything since almost all of the Yoshis were kidnapped.



The main mode of the game where you explore an Overworld in an RPG style, and while major areas are sectioned off into Worlds, each World is massive in their own way.


In this mode you can play a variety of minigames alone or with friends.


In the options menu you can modify several aspects of the game such as:

  • Sound
  • Controls
  • Screen Size
  • Brightness


Egg Plains

A very simple and easy world to teach new players the basics of the game. It has four areas: Egg Valley, Yoshi's Lake, Cookie Mountain and Green Cave.


  • Shyguy: 5 HP, 1 Attack, 0 Defense.
  • Goonie: 4 HP, 2 Attack, 0 Defense.
  • Tap-Tap: 4 HP, 1 Attack, 1 Defense.

Boss:  Burt the Bashful 27 HP, 4 Attack, 1 Defense.

Delfino Beach

The second World has a tropical theme resembling that of Mario Sunshine, this World is filled with very small villages where Piantas live, as this area was funded by a community of pilgrim Piantas in the past, and in the center there is a very big city where most of the rich Piantas live. It has four areas: White Mount, IceCream Beach, Dolphin City and Fire Mountain. Red Yoshi can be recruited in this World.


  • Burt: 10 HP, 2 Attack, 1 Defense.
  • Shy Guy: 7 HP, 2 Attack, 0 Defense.
  • Catacuak: 4 HP, 1 Attack, 2 Defense.
  • Gooble: 6 HP, 2 Attack, 0 Defense.

Boss: Petey Piranha - 39 HP, 5 Attack, 1 Defense.


The third world It occurs high in the sky, in the clouds. This world have many Sacred Temples, where can recover Energy. It has four areas: City of Sky, Clouds of Hell, Fire Thunder and Temple of Darkness. Blue Yoshi can be recruited in this World.


  • Gooney: 12 HP, 2 Attack, 0 Defense.
  • Shy Guy: 13 HP, 2 Attack, 0 Defense.
  • Burt: 15 HP, 3 Attack, 1 Defense.
  • Tap-Tap: 7 HP, 5 Attack, 3 Defense.

Boss: Kamedusa - 42 HP, 6 Attack, 3 Defense.


The fourth world it occurs in a land based in Dreamland, of Kirby. It is a tranquil world and somewhat easy, as a rest from the game. Its four areas are: Green Meadows, Aqua Islands, Soft Clouds and Mt. Kamek.


  • Shy Guy: 16 HP, 3 Attack, 2 Defense.
  • Tap-Tap: 10 HP, 5 Attack, 4 Defense.
  • Waddle Egg: 13 HP, 2 Attack, 1 Defense.

Boss: Kamek - 50 HP, 7 Attack, 3 Defense.


Yoshi Obtained in... Description Favourite Fruit Stadistics

Green Yoshi Sprite

Green Yoshi

Default Green Yoshi is the main character of this game, one of the more popular inhabitants of Egg Valley, he is setting out on a journey to rescue his friends. Melons

HP: 3/5

Attack: 3/5

Defense: 3/5

Speed: 3/5

Red Yoshi Sprite

Red Yoshi

World 2 A very fast Yoshi who just loves to compete with others, however, what he has in speed he lacks in attack. Pineapples

HP: 3/5

Attack: 2/5

Defense: 3/5

Speed: 4/5

Blue Yoshi Sprite

Blue Yoshi

World 3 A very shy yet defensive Yoshi with strong scales that can take a lot of hits without him feeling pain, however, he is the slowest character in the game. Watermelons

HP: 4/5

Attack: 2/5

Defense: 5/5

Speed: 1/5

Yellow Yoshi Sprite

Yellow Yoshi

World 4 A very strong Yoshi who likes to help anyone he can with his incredible strenght. Apples

HP: 2/5

Attack: 5/5

Defense: 2/5

Speed: 3/3

Pink Yoshi Sprite

Pink Yoshi

World 5 A Yoshi with amazing healing powers that can help both him and his team, though you better be careful as his general stats are not very good. Oranges

HP: 2/5

Attack: 2/5

Defense: 2/5

Speed: 3/5

Purple Yoshi Sprite

Purple Yoshi

World 6 Green Yoshi's best friend and the most balanced Yoshi in the game in terms of strenght and defense, however, his HP is not that good so be careful with that. All fruits

HP: 2/5

Attack: 4/5

Defense: 4/5

Speed: 3/5


The Fruits in this game, they have many effects, such as retrieving HP, or upload some statistics.

  • Melons: Recovers HP. It has a greater effect on Green Yoshi.
  • Pineapples: Temporarily boosts Attack. It has a greater effect on Red Yoshi.
  • Watermelons: Temporarily boosts Speed. It has greater effect on Blue Yoshi.
  • Apples: Temporarily boosts Defense. It has greater effect on Yellow Yoshi.
  • Oranges: Temporarily boosts all stats (but not as much as other fruits). It has greater effect on Pink Yoshi.

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