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NOTICE!!! Author's English sucks, you can edit the article as you would have been able to? And one: If someone has a little bit of time can make a better box art? I would be very grateful and will put it in a special acknowledgments to The Yoshi Company Studios.


North American BoxArt

Yoshi: Journey On Yoshi's Island is first 2.5 D game created by The Yoshi Company Studios in 5.01.2015 and published by Fantendo. This is first game for Yoshionsole platform. This game is also first game of Yoshi's Adventures series.


Kamek kindnaps Yoshi's Eggs, and trapped it in Prince Bowser's Castle. Yoshi and his friends are going to rescue eggs and replace peace in Yoshi Village.


  • 1 Yoshi Village Peaceful village and home of the Yoshis. There's no many enemies.

  • 2 Plains Classic Super Mario Overworld with Goombas and Koopas.

  • 3 Monkey Jungle Heart of the paradise on Yoshi's Island. Many Seedy Sallys and other Monekys are common enemies in this world.

  • 4 Hills & Snow Three tall hills and cold part of paradise with penguin population.

  • 5 Sky or Heaven? Highest Koopa Castle is on the highest place in Yoshi's Island - Big Big Solid Solid Cloudy Cloudy Not Rainy Cloud.

  • 6 Volcano Inside The biggest volcano in the Yoshi's Island have inside with enormous castle. It's Prince Bowser's Castle where trapped Yoshi's Eggs.


  • Green Yoshi/Eggy Yoshi - Yoshi, that can load three more eggs than other Yoshis (6)

  • Red Yoshi/Fire Yoshi - This Yoshi when he trap enemy in the mouth can breathe fire. When if it is Koopa Shell, it's 3 fireballs. UNLOCK: Beat Burt The Giant Bashful in castle in world 1

  • Blue Yoshi/Ice Yoshi - This Yoshi when he trap enemy in the mouth can belch ALWAYS one ice cube. UNLOCK: Beat Burt The Giant Bashful in castle in world 1

  • Bulb Yoshi/Yellow Yoshi - This Yoshi can shine when he trap any enemies in mouth for 5 seconds. UNLOCK: Find Power Star in World 1.

  • Dash Yoshi/Orange Yoshi - This Yoshi can run very quickly when he has enemy in mouth for 10 seconds. UNLOCK: Beat Giga Shy Guy in castle in world 2.

  • Parayoshi/Dark Blue Yoshi - Yoshi, that can fly for 1 minute in the sky when he trap shell in mouth. UNLOCK: Beat Giga Shy Guy in castle in world 2

  • Heavy Yoshi/Violet Yoshi - This Yoshi can step from sky with giant heavy killing enemies in close range. When he do Ground Pound earthquake is slightly smaller than the POW Block. UNLOCK: Find Power Star in world 2

  • Loveyoshi/Pink Yoshi - This Yoshi can droop other enemies in medium range. UNLOCK: Beat Seedy Kong in castle world 3

  • Heavy Parayoshi/Purple Yoshi - The one of the best Yoshis, that can fly and step very heavy UNLOCK: Find Power Star in world 3

  • Fruit Expert Yoshi/Brown Yoshi - This is only Yoshi, that can fart be eat Durians or spit one fireball be eat Chili. UNLOCK: Beat the Icy Spiky Spike in castle world 4

  • Anti-Gravitation Yoshi/White Yoshi - Yoshi, thats eggs gravity does not work

UNLOCK: Beat Yoob in castle world 5

  • Bomb Yoshi/Black Yoshi - This Yoshi can bomb his eggs UNLOCK: Find power star in world 4

  • Boshi - This is only Yoshi, that can breathe 1 fireball and ice cube. UNLOCK: Beat Prince Bowser and Find Power Stars in all worlds.


In Y:JOTYI are different super-fruits:

  • Superwatermelon - Yoshi can shoot seeds.

  • Fire Melon - Yoshi can breathe fire.

  • Ice Melon - Yoshi can breathe icy flush.

  • Speedy Orange - Yoshi can be Dash Yoshi for 15 seconds.

  • Fire Chili - Yoshi can breathe fire like Fire Yoshi.

  • Inflated Pumpkin - Yoshi can fly by letting the air flow.


  • Shy Guy

  • Koopa Troopa

  • Goomba

  • Galoomba

  • Piranha Plant

  • Blargg

  • Nep-Enut

  • Bullet Bill

  • Bouncing Bullet Bill

  • Goonie

  • Fat Guy

  • Baseball Boy

  • Zeus Guy

  • Snift

  • Baron Von Zeppelin

  • Mace Guy

  • Coin Bandit

  • Spear Guy

  • Dancing Spear Guy

  • Lantern Guy

  • Fly Guy

  • Whirly Fly Guy

  • Seedy Sally

  • Grinder

  • Stilt Guy

  • Raven

  • Harry Hedgehog

  • Koopa Paratroopa

  • Petal Guy

  • Lakitu

  • Toadies

  • Kamek

  • Lava Bubble

  • Boo

  • Big Boo

  • Ice Spike

  • Stretch

  • Slugger
  • Venus Fire Trap
  • Spiked Fun Guy
  • Wild Ptooie Piranha
  • Needlenose


  • Burt The Giant Bashful - Bigger version of Burt The Bashful. Castle world 1. Yoshi can beat him by throw 20 eggs into him. (Eggs are spit from Egg-Plant

  • Giga Shy Guy - The gigantic version of Shy Guy. Castle World 2. Yoshi can beat him by trhrowing 6 Giant Eggs (Giga Shy Guy Spawns Mega Shy Guys).

  • Seedy Kong - Seedy Sally with large size. It spits giant seeds. Yoshi can beat it by turning duds into eggs and throwing 3 into monkey.

  • Icy Spiky Spike - Ice Spike enlarged to giant size. This Boss are throwing snowballs at Yoshi. Yoshi can beat him by turning direction of snowballs. He withstands 2 hits.

  • Yoob - Yoob collapses the floor and throwing debris at Yoshi. Yoshi can beat him by throwing for him rocks. He withstands 3 hits.

  • Prince Bowser - Final Boss. In phase 1 he is small and trying to ground pound Yoshi. Yoshi can beat him by ground pounding. In phase 2, after spraying by Kamek he is enormous and breathe fire. Yoshi can beat him by throwing 6 Mega Powerful Eggs.


  • Yoshi's Egg - Standard Yoshi's Egg. It can be thrown and used for various purposes.

  • Coin Egg - Egg with yellow dots. If cast it falls out of the coin.

  • Red Coin Egg - Egg with changing colors. If cast it falls out of the red coin.

  • Star egg - Egg with red dots. If cast it falls out of the 2 stars.

  • Big Egg - Bigger Yoshi's Egg.

  • Mega Eggdozer - Huge Yoshi's Egg

  • Powerful Egg - Red big Egg, with big destroying abilities.

  • Anti-Gravitation Egg - Anti-Gravitation Yoshi's Egg.

  • Bombegg - Bomb Yoshi's Egg.


Yoshi's Adventures: Journey on The Yoshi's Island is updated by Yoshionsole Network.

1.0 - First version. Relased 5 Jaunary 2015

1.1 - Second version, some changes have been made (10 Jaunary 2015).

Added: Venus Fire Trap, Spiked Fun Guy, Wild Ptooie Piranha and Needlenoses.

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