Yoshi's Story 2
Developer(s) Logo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
September 14, 2007 (USA)
September 16, 2007 (EU)
October 22, 2007 (JP)
Single player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)

Yoshi's Story 2 is a game for the Nintendo DS. It is the sequel to the Nintendo 64 game, Yoshi's Story. This game also features graphics similar to its prequel.


Kamek was mad at Yoshi for defeating him countless times. He knew he couldn't win if he challenged Yoshi again. Kamek also knew that Baby Bowser couldn't win, because he's been beaten countless times also. Kamek pondered what to do to defeat Yoshi once and for all. Meanwhile, Yoshi was enjoying a snack on the Fruit Tree. It was very delicious, and Yoshi brought food for his friends back at Yoshi Village. However, Kamek came and smashed Yoshi while he was walking to his home town. Kamek then took Yoshi back to his lair. Baby Bowser, following Kamek also, destroyed the Fruit Tree, because of the trouble it caused him in the past. Yoshi's friends heard about this, and went on an adventure to rescue Yoshi. However, without the help of the Fruit Tree, they wouldn't make it that far. The Yoshi's will now have to rely on their wits, and not just eating fruit and now he went to the Dry Dry Desert, Super Snow Land, The Sea of the King Cheep Cheep, Rocky Road, Big and Small World, Gold Land, Bowser Jr.'s Airship Sky and Lava land. Once the player completes the final boss, the Fruit Tree comes back to life and the Yoshi Village is safe and the ninth world is unlocked.


This game really isn't like the original Yoshi's Story. To clear a level, they must go through a ring at the end of the level. Fruit is still available, but unlike the prequel, it gives the player a rise in health.




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