Yoshi's Sister is the sister of Yoshi Kid the Great Gonzales Jr.. She was hatched from an egg in Koopa
Yoshi's Sister

Yoshi's Sis

Gymnastics, the place where Koops learns his breakdancing skills. After her adventure, she meets a Yoshi Kid from Glitville.


  • Max HP
  • Normal Rank: 18
  • Super Rank: 18
  • Ultra Rank: 18
Note: Yoshi's Sister Max HP is always 18, which beats the record of the lowest amount of Max HP in Ultra Rank.


Ground Pound Ultra 0 FP

Yoshi's Sister ground pounds on a enemy 4/5/6 causing half of all the damage rounded down equal to her HP.

Toxic Gulp 10 FP

Yoshi's Sister chews on an enemy and spits it out, causing 18 HP of poision damage for the next 3 turns.

Extreme Shrink Egg 9 HP

Yoshi's Sister lays an egg and throws it at an enemy, which cause it to shrink to the size of an ant, dropping its attack power by 18.

Danger Stampede 18 FP

Yoshi's Sister whistes for the herd of Yoshis, and run into all enemies, causing lots of negative status effects: Poison, Dizzy, Tiny, Confuse, and Defense -4.


  • Like Yoshi Kid from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Yoshi's Sister is the second partner in the Paper Mario series to nickname Mario; that nickname by her was "Baby Mario." She then say she was sorry because she didn't mean to nickname Mario, "Baby Mario" and promises to name Mario his real name another time at the end of the adventure.

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