Yoshi's Safari 2 is shooting game for the Wii and the sequel to Yoshi's Safari. It is compatible with the Wii Zapper. Mario and Yoshi return, but it features 4 new playable characters as well as new bosses.


Bowser has once again hatched a plan to take over Jewelry Land. He sent his children to take over different worlds than last time, and he gave them more powerful mechs. He then sent Boom Boom, Petey Pirahna, Gooper Blooper, Koopa Troopa Sub and himself to take over the dark lands of Jewelry Land. It looked like all hope was lost for Mario and Yoshi, but then 4 other heroes rose to help them defeat them. Thus their journey began...


  • Mario: Average.
  • Luigi: Blasts are stronger than Mario's, but slower.
  • Geno: Shoots much faster, but aren't as powerful.
  • Yoshi: Carries Mario, Average
  • Birdo: Carries Luigi, Moves Faster
  • Boshi: Carries Geno, takes 2 hits from an enemy to take damage.


  • Larry Koopa: Takes over Spirit Mountain, attacks in a giant bird-like mech.
  • Wendy O. Koopa: Occupies Crescent Coast, attacks in a boat with several cannons on it.
  • Ludwig von Koopa: Has reign over Float Castle I, attacks in a giant mech with a mortar, cannons and bombs
  • Morton Koopa Jr.: Takes over Grassland, fights in a giant plane with missile launchers
  • Iggy Koopa: Occupies Pipe Island, fights in a Shark-like mech
  • Lemmy Koopa: Takes over Mushroom Land, fights in a giant spider mech
  • Roy Koopa: Has reign over Grand Bridge, attacks in a troll-like mech
  • Boom Boom: Occupies Dark Sea, attacks by hurling Spiny Eggs and hides in a pipe
  • Petey Pirahna: Is stationed at Float Castle II, fights by launching goop at you and flies around
  • Gooper Blooper: Takes over Cornice Cave, attacks by whacking you with his tentacles
  • Koopa Troopa Sub: Occupies Ghost Mansion, attacks by launching torpedos at you
  • Bowser: Has reign over Bowser's Castle, attacks by breathing fire at you, hurling bombs and attacking from his Koopa Klown Kar

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