Yoshi's are a big part in this game,as you can get many of them.(WIP)

Regular Yoshis

Regular Yoshis are the most common,and usually have 2 colors (primary and secondary) on them.

Green Yoshi

Red Yoshi

Yellow Yoshi

Blue Yoshi

Light Blue Yoshi

Dark Green Yoshi

Orange Yoshi

Brown Yoshi

Black Yoshi

White Yoshi

Silver Yoshi

Purple Yoshi

Pattern Yoshi

Pattern Yoshi are the 2nd most common Yoshis,usually containing patterns or more then 3 colors.

Green and Red Yoshi

Red and Blue Yoshi

Dark Green and Red Yoshi

Red and Light blue Yoshi

Brown and Silver Yoshi

Black and White Yoshi

Shy Guy Yoshi

Shy Guy looks like Red Yoshi,but his nose is a shy guy mask.

Bee Yoshi

Polka Dot Yoshi

Yarn Yoshi

Yarn Yoshi are rare yoshi that resemble Yoshi made of yarn,they also produce yarn alot more then items and eggs.

Green Yarn Yoshi

Red Yarn Yoshi

Yellow Yarn Yoshi

Blue Yarn Yoshi

Light Blue Yarn Yoshi

Dark Green Yarn Yoshi

Orange Yarn Yoshi

Brown Yarn Yoshi

Black Yarn Yoshi

White Yarn Yoshi

Silver Yarn Yoshi

Purple Yarn Yoshi

Shy Guy Yarn Yoshi

Unique Yoshi

Unique Yoshi have no 'class' of Yoshi to be sorted in,and they are usually very rare

Copper Yoshi

Silver Yoshi

Golden Yoshi

Cloud Yoshi

Thunderstorm Yoshi

Rainbow Yoshi

Crystal Yoshi


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