Yoshi's Pet Paradise is a pet simulation game released on the Wii U in 2016. Unlike other Mario or Yoshi games this game is a calm one, letting you relax with your pets and play games with them. The game is designed to be something that somebody could resort to for just relaxing and having calm fun, not with crazy boss fights but just something to relax and play. The game allows you to acquire different Yoshis and even has amiibo support.The game also contains Poochies that you can acquire and train too.


Welcome to Pineapple Island, a land of calm adventures and fun times! You come to Pineapple Island to seek your own calm plot, but you get something that you least expected,an egg! What could be inside? Oh wow! Its a Yoshi! Have fun adventures with your Yoshi and your pet Poochy aswell, go to Luigi's Circus and play Donkey Kong but with a twist! Sit at the beach and have fun, customize your plot and train more Yoshis and put them up to races! This is Yoshi's Pet Paradise!
The game's description on the back of the box.

Pineapple Island is a small island nearby The Mushroom Kingdom. You get bored with living in your home town, Sarsaland, so you decide to move to Pineapple Island. The day you get there, while taking a stroll through town, you find a spotted egg! You bring it to the pet store owner, who says that it's a Yoshi Egg. He also gives you a Poochy, saying that you'll need it to help you raise the Yoshi. Once she hatches, the fun begins!


The gameplay is different then most Mario games. In this game, you have free roam around the island, and you are in a first-person perspective. You can ride Adult Yoshis and fly on Dragon Yoshis. This game does not give your player health (except for Minigames) and does not involve many enemies, the only enemies being Nabbits that like to steal your furniture. Not to worry, they can be caught by using a Yoshi by grabbing them with your Yoshi's tongue. The controls are simple and the game is calming, with peaceful music playing in the background.The game is similar to My Pokemon Ranch as you take care of numerous things, in this case Yoshis and Poochies. You need to feed your pets, and if you don't, they will become slow, sluggish and disobedient.


The townspeople,like in Animal Crossing, are randomly generated from a list of characters. There are a few characters that will definitely be there, like the pet store owner, or your yoshi. The character's species include Piantas, Penguins, Humans, Koopas, Sprixies, Lakituits, and Charging Chucks. The game has no Toads. Because no one likes Toads.

Who?? Description

Player YPP


Who's that? Well it's you, silly! This is the playable character that you control throughout the game. At the beginning of the game you customize them. You can choose their hairstyle, eye color, height, weight, clothing and body type. Then you choose which gender you'd prefer to be called (Male, Female or Non-binary). After that you're all set and ready to raise your Yoshi!

Who?? Description

Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour


This hungry lil' thing is your Yoshi! You found her in an egg while strolling through Pineapple Island. Your job is to feed, bathe, play with and love her. Eventually if you feed her enough, she'll lay an egg! Do you bring it to the pet store? Or raise a second Yoshi? Choose wisely!






  • This game is also refered to as 'Wii U's Pokemon Ranch'
  • The game is actually a colab between AnimaJonTronic and Randomfrog
  • Credit to Yveltal. We stole his tables.

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