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Much like Yoshi's New Island was a remake of Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's New Story is a remake of Yoshi's Story. The game will release for the Wii U Fall 2014.


10 happy Yoshis were resting under the great Super Happy Tree, when all of the sudden Magikoopa used his magic to thwart the tree to bits! Each piece of the tree flew to several different areas. The Super Happy Tree must be tracked down by the 10 Yoshis so they can be happy again!


Yoshi's New Story is a new 2.5d experience where you play as multiple colored Yoshis. You can now switch out the colored Yoshi you are playing as with another, as each Yoshi has it's own unique move, whether it would be being immune to lava or being able to fly. This makes Yoshi's New Story a more puzzling experience. There are eight worlds:

Yoshi Hills

Cloudtop Cruise

Oceanic Seas

Dry Desert Ruins

Bleached Beach

Ice Ice Island

Mystic Fog Land

and Lethal Lava Lair

The Yoshis

There are 10 differently colored Yoshis, each with their own special abilities:

Green Yoshi - Doesn't have any special abilities.

Light Green Yoshi - Jumps the highest.

Orange Yoshi - Delivers a strong punch and kick.

Red Yoshi - Immune to lava and fire.

Purple Yoshi - Immune to mystic fog.

Blue Yoshi - Can walk underwater.

White Yoshi - Can walk on clouds.

Black Yoshi - Can pass through walls.

Brown Yoshi - Can dig the fastest.

Yellow Yoshi - Immune to lightning.

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