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Yoshi's New Island 2
Developer(s) Superstar
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii-U
Release Date(s)
USA: January 14, 2020
Japan: November 2020
Europe: October 12, 2020
Single player
Multiplayer (Mini Battles)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Optical disc
Digital download

Yoshi's New Island 2 is the direct follow-up to Yoshi's New Island, and a direct sequel to Yoshi's Island DS. Compared to its predecessor, this game now has nine Worlds instead of six, same models, new babies, and a brand-new adventure. The Birdos appeared to assist the Yoshis.


After the events of Yoshi's Island DS, the baby Yoshi that hatched at the end becomes a partner of the Yoshis. However, Kamek has an idea to use the magic vacuum to away the babies in the Mushroom Kingdom. Before Kamek took the babies to Bowser's Castle once again, the Stork appeared out of nowhere and attacks him, making him drop the two babies he's carrying. The two babies, Baby Mario and Baby Peach, land on Egg Island where the Yoshis and the Birdos goes to help them on their mission to save the babies and Baby Luigi. Along the way, they encountered the anthropomorphized Warp Pipe (who is Mario at the end of Yoshi's New Island) once again, assisting them to defeat Bowser once more. They later came across with Baby Waluigi, Baby Daisy, Baby Wario, Baby Rosalina, Baby Donkey Kong, and even Baby Bowser, who are all want to go home.

After defeating Bowser, Egg Island is saved, and Baby Luigi and the babies are rescued. The Stork proceeds to take the babies to send them back to their parents. After this, Mario and Luigi emerges out of the helpful Warp Pipe and thanks the players for saving Egg Island.



Gameplay mainly revolves around adventure mode, similarly played out as the predecessors. Throughout the eight unique worlds, a different colored Yoshi or a Birdo takes on one out of eight levels, with Kamek in Level 4 and a boss in Level 8 of each world. Enemies, items, and coins litter the levels, as well as collectibles. When a Yoshi is hit by an enemy, the baby is knocked loose from his back crying, and the star power - the source of the protective bubble that keeps the Toadies from taking the baby - goes down by one star per second. If that number goes down to zero, Toadies take away the baby and a life is lost. Yoshi, however, still has a small amount of time to recover the baby even after the Toadies have grabbed. The star power starts at ten in each level. If a baby is recovered with less than ten stars, the star power slowly reverts to ten. The star power maxes out at 30. Groups of five stars can be found in Winged Clouds and crates. The mode also marks the return of the Stork Stops and the Island Museum from Yoshi's Island DS, which are accessible at any time.

Mini Battles

Although absent in Yoshi's Island DS and Yoshi's New Island, Mini Battles made a return. Due to the fact that no Bonus Shacks in the levels, they were now activated on the map screen after the Yoshis/Birdos touch the one of the Bandits that sometimes wondered on the map, similar to the Enemy Courses from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. There, a Yoshi or a Birdo must fight with a Bandit to award some lives/items.

  • Throwing Balloons - Yoshi/Birdo has a contest with a Bandit to see who can win a crossover between Hot Potato and Simon Says, tossing a slowly expanding balloon back and forth until it pops on the loser.
  • Holding Breath - Yoshi/Birdo and a Bandit has a contest to see who holds their breath the longest.
  • Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest - Yoshi/Birdo and Bandit must spit Watermelon seeds at each other.
  • Gather Coins - Yoshi/Birdo competes against a Bandit to collect the most coins before time runs out.
  • Popping Balloons - Yoshi/Birdo has a contest with a Bandit to see who can pop the balloon with the special item in it.

There are the multiplayer versions of all the Mini Battles can be unlocked by collecting all the Character Coins in a world. Again, the second player controls the Bandit.







  • The game marks the first time enemies with masks, especially Shy Guys and Bandits changes facial expressions, despite this feature also appeared in both the Paper Mario  and the Crayon Mario series.