Yoshi (Sound)

Offical boxart for the game (Credit to Yveltal717)

Yoshi's Musicbox is a game for the Wii, 3DSWii Deluxe, and Wii U. It has 2 modes all with soundtracks from the Yoshi Games. Each of the remakes (Wii to 3DS to Wii Deluxe) released 4 years apart. It was created by PumpkIn games and published by Nintendo.

It was sold for $30 and sold $1,200 on the first week of sales for the Wii version.

Music Mode

Music Mode is a simple little mode where you listen to music from ALL Yoshi games, from Yoshi's Island to Yoshi's New Island, there's always one more soundtrack to hear.

It also features music from all levels Yoshi appears in from Mario Games.


Between Wii Deluxe, Wii, and 3DS, there has been several changes.

  • The music soundtracks increase in quality
  • 3DS features Mixit Mode, and has music from the Yoshi's Island series.
  • Wii only has the original, 3DS has Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's New Island, and Wii Deluxe has all of the soundtracks. (including Yoshi's Story) WiiU has the same as 3DS.                                                       

Mixit Mode

in Mixit Mode, a feature exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS, you get to mix the tracks up and shorten/lengthen them to your hearts content. Mixit Mode also has some exclusive music tracks (1-5 tracks from Sonic Games, to list them: Team Chaotix, Escape From The City, His World, Reach For The Stars, and Sonic Youth, as in the song not the band).


The game got mixed reviews, Metacritic gave it 40/100 and IGN gave it a 5/10 saying 'What is it? Just plain old music'. While Nintendo Power gave it a 8/10 praising its unique concept.


Despite being in the Yoshi's Island series, it is unrelated to it, and is shown as a sequel to Yoshi's Island and not Yoshi's New Island.

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