Yoshi's Majesty is a 1-3 player video board game inspired by candy land, but with yoshi, for the Nintendo harpoon. it was deve loped by Maximum awesome entertainment and published by Nintendo released in 2007, it was quite ahead of its time but was soon overshadowde by more popular games such as Mr. Mario's Party 1 through Time. it is a very simple game.


Yoshi's Lane

You start off on Yoshi Lane. You are on your way to the mountain to plant a tree and make a forest. The forest will help maintain a stable oxygen concentration for the island.. Yoshi street is 4 blocks long, and goes right into the bad hog woods.

Bad Hog Wodds

NOBODY wants to be here, the evil Koopalings have set up traps for you to take try to not get too soaked, haha

Yoshi's Island Mountain

Then you go to the base of the mountain, slowly climbing while watching for pedestrians. The peak of the mountain you face Mega Koopa, the monster. You fight him in a boss battle but if you won it you win the game! If not you start back on a path down the mountain. It's agame that lasts, at most, 30 min., but is astonishingly hartfel


Yoshi (27 colors)

The large amount of colors is actually a reference to the text based n64 game, Yoshi Color Master. The colors are equal to, but are not limitted to:

  1. red
  2. orange
  3. green
  4. redorange
  5. redgreen
  6. greenorange
  7. borwn
  8. black
  9. redblack
  10. yellowwblack
  11. redyellow
  12. yellowgreen
  13. blue
  14. limeblue
  15. aquared
  16. bluered
  17. purple
  18. red (1)
  19. greenblue
  20. greenpurple
  21. fuchsia
  22. magenya
  23. goldenrod
  24. goldenred
  25. marigold
  26. mac and cheese (crayola)
  27. and finally topaz

Bird (2 colors)

She is a man, but identifies as a girl. Be respectful, no? She was introduced in SMB2 for the NES. History

Blooper (4colors)

Squid man takes the lead in this all new adventure board game!


  • Eggs
  • Coins
  • Surf


  • Go to the store now - Ign
  • Aren't you still typing? - Game News nwtwonk
  • I'm Mark - Mark twain and I
Overall it got a 3 star out of 5 rating, go nuts!

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