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Yoshi's Launch Adventures is a spinoff of the new series, Yoshis in Space made by Beanstalk Inc. for the Nintendo Cyclone.


The Yoshis have been engrossed in thier new sport, Launch, and have created a touroment called "Yoshi Launch Adventure". It is your duty as a Yoshi (name your own or used 6 existing ones) to win!




  • Devlin D. Dread (Beat the Game)
  • Birdo (Clear Bonus Turnoment Round 5)
  • Double Yoshi (Beat the Game Twice)
  • Mario (Downloaded Data)
  • Luigi (Downloaded Data)
  • Peach (Downloaded Data)

Enemies (Called Obstacles)

  • Shy Guy
  • Fly Guy
  • Wiggler
  • Boo
  • Big Boo

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