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Welcome to The New Secret Yoshi Island the Yoshi clan found a new island of paradise to call home but it isn't long before Kamek and his troops find the new paradise and try to kill the yoshi's fun and kidnap the babies now it is up to Yoshi to save the day.


Baby Mario (1-1)

Baby Peach (1-5)

Baby Donkey Kong (2-1)

Baby Wario (3-1)

Baby Rosalina (4-5)

Baby Bowser (5-1)

Extra Levels: Collect All The Baby Coins

Bonus Games: 100% The World

All Levels

World 1 (Paradise Island)

1-1: Welcome To Paradise (Mario Coin)

1-2: Big Eggs For The Win (Mario Coin)

1-3: Flowery Fun For Everyone (Peach Coin)

1-4: Flower Garden Fortress (Big Montgomery) (Baby Mario)

1-5: Let The Wind Carry You (Peach Coin)

1-6: Impossible to Climb Vines (Donkey Kong Coin)

1-7: The Perfect Duo (Peach Coin)

1-8: Big Burt Bros are Back (Big Burt Bros.) (Mario Coin)

Extra I: Yoshi's Secret Tower I (White Yoshi)

Bonus I: Flip

World 2 (Jumpy Jungle)

2-1: Welcome to The Mighty Jungle (Donkey Kong Coin)

2-2: Now The Hevanly Trio (Peach Coin)

2-3: The Haunted Secrets of The Jungle (Donkey Kong Coin)

2-4: Potted Ghost's Haunted House (Potter The Potted Ghost) (Donkey Kong Coin)

2-5: The Rolling River (Peach Coin)

2-6: Jungle Dephs (Donkey Kong Coin)

2-7: Pipe Fun? (Mario Coin)

2-8: Chomper Piranha's Sewer System (Chomper Piranha) (Wario Coin)

Extra II: Chomp Rock's Maze!!! (Black Yoshi)

Bonus II: Scratch

World 3 (Paradise Bay)

3-1: Hidden Treasure Deep Underground (Wario Coin)

3-2: Paradise Bay (Mario Coin)

3-3: Wet Fish and Wetter Blargs (Wario Coin)

3-4: Boss Bass's Battleship (Boss Bass) (Donkey Kong Coin)

3-5: Tap-Tap Tavern (Wario Coin)

3-6: Mixed Up And Confuzzied (Mario Coin)

3-7: Under Da Sea Secrets to See (Wario Coin)

3-8: Big Blarg's Castle (Big Blarg) (Peach Coin)

Extra III: The Hidden Pyramid of Paradise Bay (White Yoshi)

Bonus III: Match

World 4 (Rocky Mines/Silver Skies)

4-1: Welcome To The Diamond Mine (Rosalina Coin)

4-2: Vine Mine Climb That's Fine (Mario Coin)

4-3: Shrouds In The Darkness (Wario Coin)

4-4: Prince Pokey's Power Tower (Prince Pokey) (Rosalina Coin)

4-5: The Girl Who Lived Upon The Stars (Rosalina Coin)

4-6: Vine's Reaching to The Stars (Donkey Kong Coin)

4-7: Silvery Skies Above (Rosalina Coin)

4-8: Castle of Moltz The Very Goonie (Moltz The Very Goonie) (Rosalina Coin)

Extra IV: The Darkness Calls (Black Yoshi)

Bonus IV:

World 5 (Blizzard Cliffs)




5-4: King Lakitu's Shocking Tower (Bowser Coin)




5-8: Castle Of Big Guy The Stilted (Rosalina Coin)

Extra V: What Lies Ahead Are... (White Yoshi)

Bonus V: Slots

World 6 (Bowser's Volcano)

6-1: The HOT, HOT Volcano (Peach Coin)

6-2: Da Hot Vines (Donkey Kong Coin)

6-3: The Periolus Lava Challenge (Mario Coin)

6-4: Fort of Kamek The Great (Rosaina Coin)

6-5: Spikes, Thorns, adn Other Things That Kill You!!! (Wario Coin)

6-6: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! (Mario Coin)

6-7: The Ultimate Number Ball Maze (Rosalina Coin)

6-8: Baby Bowser's Castle Showdown

Extra VI: Yoshi's Secret Tower II (Black Yoshi)

Bonus VI: Roulette

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