On this page you can review my (tbc) fanon game, Yoshi's Island U. Please make your own section and don't cuss to much. Thanks!


Locky'12 (tbc)'s Review

Oh yeah, a Yoshi's Island game. Let's see, well, the story is pretty nice, pretty long for a YI game, don't to mention, why the island is called "Yosher Island"?, this can't be about Yoshi's japanese name, since is Yossy, maybe can be about the Yosher Island from SMRPG, I don't know. The modes are pretty cool nice, but, Brock was a little late on the multiplayer thing in YI games, I did it first :P, the concept of extra challenges are pretty cool too. The fruit things from YS is back, and I found pretty nice too. There's 8 worlds, nice descriptions and pretty nice names. Pretty nice game here, Brock.

Four out of five.

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