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Yoshi's Island U
Publisher(s) Nin10
Genre(s) Action-Adventure Sandbox Platformer
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA July 12th, 2013
25px-Flag of Europe August 5th, 2013
25px-Flag of Australia September 7th, 2013
25px-Flag of Japan September 12th, 2013

Yoshi's Island U is an action-adventure platforming video game, the sixth title in the Yoshi's Island series, and the second for the Wii U. It is planned to be released on July 12 in the Americas, August 5 in Europe, September 7 in Australia and September 12th in Japan. It stars Yoshi and his friends in their adventure through the Yosher's Island to find the Crystal Fruit, aided by their friends and avoiding the Koopa Troop.

The game was subject to mixed reception. Although praised for bringing back the Yoshi's Island series, it was disliked for not being similar to the first titles with many added genres. The game was re-released in an enhanced version for digital download on December 14 because of it's reviews, under the title of the Cravings Edition. This fixed many bugs that were not patched earlier and also featured many new locations, enemies and items. DLC content featuring additions added in the Cravings Edition was released on May 2, 2013.


As Yoshi's new eggs are laid, a red Yoshi appears and shows him an old book that tells of an ancient treasure: the Crystal Fruit, capable of ending hunger for everyone who tastes it, even regrowing when eaten. Yoshi gathers everyone and tells them of the quest. They then set of to the unsearched area of to their sister isle, Yosher's Isle, to find the Crystal Fruit. Meanwhile, Kamek hovers nearby and hears of their quest. He flies back to Baby Bowser, who commands him to take the troop to Yosher's Isle, Kamek teleports the entire Koopa Troop except for the Toadies, who follow him with Baby Bowser.

The Yoshis explore the small plains area of Beginner's Valley, learning the various techniques that they will utilize throughout their quest. At the end, they arrive at a ship which sails them to Yosher's Island. However, while they're sailing, they notice that the helmsman is a Shy Guy. Then, Kamek and his Toadies break through the upper deck floor and grab the Yoshi Eggs. With Yoshi and his pals still in shock, Kamek and his Toadies swiftly retreat to Yosher's Island. The ship crashes at the shorelines of Yosher's Island and they continue their journey, now with another goal: find the Yoshi Eggs.

Green Yoshi goes ahead into the strange new world, exploring the wide open area of Rocky Beach, before finding the enterance to his next destination: Mild Wilds. Yoshi explores the area and collects many Crystal Keys before toppling one of Kamek's fortresses. At the top, he battles a giant enemy and defeats it with much effort. Kamek runs away, dissapointed, but drops a Yoshi Egg. With this new egg and many crystal keys, he returns to Rocky Beach and locates the next area. He continues his adventure, traveling to 5 more different areas and finding all the Yoshi Eggs.

Afterward to finding all the eggs, the Yoshis are surprised to see a giant Crystal Statue rise from the ground. Using their many Crystal Keys, they enter the statue and find a terrifying and confusing maze. Unbeknownst to them, however, Kamek and the rest of the Koopa Troop are right behind, and manage to sneak ahead of them. When the Yoshis finally make it to the end they see the majestic Crystal Fruit; but just as the first Yoshi is about to take a gobble, Baby Bowser busts in.

Baby Bowser gets mad at the Yoshis for trying to steal what's rightfully his. He sends Kamek and his Toadies to defeat the Yoshis, but they are defeated. Then, Baby Bowser attacks they Yoshis himself, but he too is defeated. Kamek then enlarges Baby Bowser, and enlarged Baby Bowser and Kamek attack the Yoshis. Baby Bowser destroys the maze, and the Yoshis run for their lives. In one room of the maze, the Yoshis find a Dragon Berry. The Yoshis are transformed into their Super Dragon forms and battles Baby Bowser. The Yoshis take turns at defeating Baby Bowser and Kamek.

After a long and hard fight, the Yoshis beat Kamek, causing his magic to wear off. Baby Bowser starts to shrink, and the Yoshis and Kamek pop out. Each of the Yoshis eat the Crystal Fruit, and are forever fed. Happy that their journey is over, they dance with joy and fail to notice the Yoshi Eggs hatching. Each of the six baby Yoshis that hatched grab a Crystal Fruit and then bring some to Baby Bowser, Kamek and the Toadies, who apologize for being mean. And thus, the story ends happily ever after.


Story Mode

In Story Mode, Yoshi can adventure through areas of Yosher's Isle. In each area are many items to collect, like fruits that increase the Stamina stat so Yoshi is more agile. Yoshi can move with the Control-StickWiiU and dash with DS B Button, and the player can tap the GamePad screen to launch his tongue at enemies to eat them. Some things create eggs when eaten, which Yoshi can throw with the DS Y Button and aim by moving the GamePad. If you hold the DS A Button while you jump, you will "Flutterjump" in the air to get farther and higher up. Yoshi can use gadgets with DS X Button, allowing him to do many new things in the environment. He can also throw Bob-Ombs with DS R Button, as long as he has some of them left.

The goal of each area isn't certain, but usally there is a set of objectives for Yoshi to complete every day he goes to the area. Yoshi can also collect things to continue the settlement further, allowing more gadgets to be created. The overall goal of Story Mode is to eat the Crystal Fruit, which ends the game. Yoshi can also switch out with a Yoshi called Yosher, who is a descendant of the owner of the isle. Yosher cannot use his tongue or therefore throw eggs, but can use his fists to attack and still is able to utilize flutterjumps to gain a literal upper hand on enemies.

In Story Mode, Yoshi travels to each area of the island from the central hub area,

Muiltiplayer Mode

Yoshi's Island U can also be played with up to 5 people locally or 8 people online. Either way, Yoshi and his friends engage in a brawl in many ways. In Fighting Brawl, Yoshi and pals will duke it out by attacking with eggs or other objects. In Coin Attack, Yoshi and the others must race to find the most coins in time. In Fruit Race, all the players attempt to eat the Pineapples and spit them back in their territory, while avoiding others stealing their own fruit. At the end of the time limit, whoever has the most fruit in their territory wins. A new muiltiplayer mode called Bomberry Blast is allowed in the Cravings edition, where Yoshis must bloom Bomberrys and launch them at others at the cost of health.


DS A Button Jump; hold to flutter jump
DS B Button Lick
DS Y Button Throw Eggs
DS X Button Use gadget/item
Control-StickWiiU Move Yoshi
DS R Button R-Target

Battle Mode

In the battle mode, Yoshi can go through each level, using the special "Brawl Berry". The brawl berry allows Yoshi to use melee attacks (punch, kick, etc) against his foes, however, enemies can also use melee attacks now, so watch out! Yoshi's stamina is converted into a health bar, and every time Yoshi takes damage, his health depletes. Bosses also have a health bar, and Yoshi must attack the boss until the boss' health has depleted. Also, when the boss' health is depleted halfway, the boss rages and becomes twice as difficult. After Battle Mode is completed, the player will be rewarded. Finally, the player can battle other players locally, and online. Up to four players online, and locally can duke it out together.


DS A Button Jump; hold to flutter
DS B Button Punch
DS Y Button Kick
DS X Button Use gadget/item
Control-StickWiiU Move Yoshi
DS R Button Target enemy

Speedrun Mode

In speedrun mode, Yoshi can run through all levels to get the fastest completion time. Also, the player can post his/her results on Miiverse or on the Yoshi's Island Online Network. If results are uploaded to the Yoshi's Island Online Network, players can compare their results with each-other and compete for the fastest time. The player can also race staff ghosts and other player's ghosts, like in the Mario Kart series. Lastly, players can race each-other at the same time online, and locally.

Fruit Mode

In fruit mode, Yoshi can go through any level with any power-up. The player can switch Yoshi's power-up at any time, so pick which one. Up to four players locally, and eight players online can play together.


Unlike previous Yoshi's Island games, Yoshi does not normally carry a baby on his back. However, Yoshi is able to receive baby from Baby Kiosks, where a stork will bring one of four babies. Each baby has it's own ability, which allows Yoshi to access new things. Babies cannot be taken out of their area, and each Kiosk features a different baby.

Baby Mario Increases Yoshi's speed
Baby Luigi Allows Yoshi to jump higher
Baby Peach Allows Yoshi to ride on gusts of wind
Baby Donkey Kong Allows Yoshi to swing and climb vines
Baby Wario Pulls on metal boxes or metal surfaces
Baby Waluigi Gives Yoshi a badminton racket to reflect projectiles with
Baby Daisy Allows Yoshi to have longer jumps
Baby Rosalina Allows Yoshi to use a spin-attack with the right joystick
Baby Koopa Gives Yoshi extra protection from enemies
Baby Toad Heals Yoshi's stamina after Yoshi finds a fruit

Bonus Challenges

Hidden in each area are 5 Bonus Doors, 3 unlocked and 2 locked; the 2 locked doors requiring a Key to unlock. After going through the door, Yoshi plays a Bonus Challenge to earn yellow and Dragon Coins. Each door can be played as many times as needed, and each game can be finished with a Bronze ranking, with Yoshi winning nothing, and Silver ranking, with Yoshi winning some coins, and the Gold ranking, with Yoshi earning a Dragon Coin and some regular coins. The Bonus Challenges are:

  • Slot Machine
    • Bronze: Get 1/2 Eggs, Coins or Stars.
    • Silver: Get three Eggs or Coins.
    • Gold: Get three Stars.
  • Catch 22
    • Bronze: N/A
    • Silver: Get points equal to the dealer.
    • Gold: Get points higher then the dealer.
  • Flutter Flying
    • Bronze: Go 50 ft.
    • Silver: Go 100 ft.
    • Gold: Go 150 ft.
  • Egg Toss
    • Bronze: Hit 20 enemies.
    • Silver: Hit 30 enemies.
    • Gold: Hit 40 enemies.
  • Scratch & Match
    • Bronze: Get 1 Egg.
    • Silver: Get 2 Eggs.
    • Gold: Get 3 Eggs.
  • Yoshi's Switch
    • Bronze: Last 3 minutes or longer.
    • Silver: Last 5 minutes or longer.
    • Gold: Last 10 minutes or longer.
  • Egg Thrust
    • Bronze: Throw the Egg 300m.
    • Silver: Throw the Egg 700m.
    • Gold: Throw the Egg 1200m.

Online Mode

Yoshi's Island U features an online mode through Nintendo Network. It allows you to post to Miiverse, play with others online, and display medals to other users. You can also save progress to your account on BPoL, which is said will be used in other games for the Pro Gamer. Online Mode is viewed in the Satellite Hut on the main screen, which displays options and the info displayed online. You can also connect to see other's info, if it is public.



Map Allows you to see a map of the current area. (must be collected for each area) Common
Compass Causes the Map to show items and directions. (must be collected for each area) Common
Jalapeno Shoes Hold and release to make Yoshi sprint quickly Uncommon
Flutter Wings The wings allow Yoshi to fly Rare
Ukulele Yoshi plays a tune, opening new areas Common
Icicle Boots Lets Yoshi walk on water Rare
Cacti Shell Hurts enemies when they attack Yoshi's back Rare


Grapefruit Super Common
Banana Common
Apple Common
Grapes Uncommon
Melon Rare
Pepper (hurts Yoshi when eaten) Common
Cantelope Uncommon
Blackberry Common
Blueberry Uncommon
Raspberry Common
Strawberry Rare
Orange Common


Coins Used to buy things from the Shop Guy. Super Common
Dragon Coins Collected to unlock clips. Uncommon
Bob-Ombs Used to blow stuff up. Common
Eggs Thrown as an attack. Super Common
Magic Pendants Increases the chosen stat. Rare
Smiley Flower Used to unlock bonus challenges. Extremely Common
Yarn Fragments Used to unlock Yarn Yoshi and the Woolly World area. Extremely Common


Watermelon Allows Yoshi to shoot seeds to attack. Uncommon
Fire Watermelon Allows Yoshi to shoot fire to attack or melt obstacles. Uncommon
Ice Watermelon Allows you to shoot seeds to attack or freeze obstacles. Uncommon
Light Bulb-Berry Makes Yoshi glow in the dark. Rare
Heart Berry Replenishes all of Yoshi's HP. Rare
Dash Berry Makes Yoshi super-fast. Common
Smash Berry Lets you smash through rocks. Uncommon
Blimp Berry Allows you to float in the air. Common
Slash Berry Gives Yoshi claws to attack foes. Uncommon
Cape Berry Gives Yoshi a cape, enabling him to temporarily glide after speed is built-up Rare
Bomb Berry Gives Yoshi limited bombs, which he can throw to attack or break obstacles. Uncommon
Mallet Berry Gives Yoshi a mallet to attack foes. Uncommon
Ninja Berry Transforms Yoshi into a ninja, allowing him to use katanas, shurikans, kunais and stealth. Uncommon
Scorpion Berry Gives Yoshi crustacean pincers and a scorpion stinger-tail. Rare
Mecha Berry Transforms Yoshi into a robot. Rare
Arsenal Berry Gives Yoshi a large amount of lasers, explosives and weopons. Extremely Rare
Dragon Berry Transforms Yoshi into his dragon form, allowing him to fly and spit fire. Extremely Rare
Shadow Berry Allows Yoshi to shadow-meld. Rare
Berry Replenishes 1/4 of Yoshi's HP. Extremely Common
Wolf Berry Transforms Yoshi into a wolf. Uncommon
Whip Berry Gives Yoshi a whip to attack with. Uncommon
Ranger Berry Transforms Yoshi into a Cowboy. Uncommon
Soldier Berry Transforms Yoshi into a soldier. Uncommon
Cherry Berry Replenishes 1/2 of Yoshi's stamina. Common
Supersonic Berry Lets Yoshi speed through a level, but no collectables are collected. Rare
Elec Berry Gives Yoshi electricity powers. Uncommon
Inferno Berry Gives Yoshi fire powers. Uncommon
Blizzard Berry Lets Yoshi unleash a Blizzard, freezing all enemies on-screen, and the environment. Uncommon
Daggar Berry Gives Yoshi a sword to attack with. Uncommon
Spin Berry Allows Yoshi to spin to attack foes. Uncommon
Skull Berry Transforms Yoshi into a skeleton for a limited time, so enemies will not recognies him. Rare
Frost Berry Gives Yoshi freezing powers. Uncommon
Cosmo Berry Gives Yoshi powers to shoot plasma blasts at foes. Uncommon
Wind Berry Yoshi unleashes a wind storm, allowing him to blow enemies away, and makes windmills work. Rare


Mild Wilds After a few hours on sea, Yoshi is glad to be in a place like home. The lush jungles have tons of fruit, many of which Yoshi has never seen! There may be a few new enemies, too...
Hopper's Lake In Hopper's Lake, you must swim in between places to get where you need. Many sea-borne enemies have taken place here, so watch where you swim, especially underwater.
Jumpy Cliff Grab some fresh air before you head up here, cause it's hard to breathe! The high altitude must be remembered in the harder platforming sections, so watch your step here.
Death Den In the deep, dark caves, you can barely see your own tongue. Grab a Light-Bulb and glow your way through the cave system, defeating enemies to be safe. Just watch for Batoids!
Funky Forest This forest has remnants of a past civilization, and an advanced one at that. Robots roam around, attacking little dinosaurs. It's hard to move around on conveyor-belts, so remember that.
Overcast Ocean It seems all the pollution from Funky Forest has gone here, because the waters are very murky. Old ghost ships sail the ocean dark, looking for some Yoshi-kabobs, so watch your head.
Crystal Cave It seems like it's time to find the Crystal Fruit. Just watch out if you have to invade Baby Bowser's Castle to get the fruit, because he is using his best defenses!
Volcanic Cove Only available with the Cravings edition. Here in Volcanic Cove, you'd better watch out, because one mistake and you could fall into the boiling-hot lava!
Mechanical Moon Only available with the Feast edition. On Mechanical Moon, Robots and Ravens rule. Watch out for the planet's shifting floor because if you fall, you'll fall into a ball of fire.
Steamboat Skies Only available with the Feast edition. In Steamboat Skies, many steamboats fly alongside goonies, but watch out for sky pirates!
Bowser Badlands Only available with the Feast edition. On an island not too far away from Yosher's Isle, Baby Bowser has made a living. Watch out for Baby Bowser statues who shoot lasers!
Rickety Ravine Only available with the Feast edition. In Rickety Ravine, beware of scaling the treacherous terrain, and watch out for wooden warriors who guard a secret.
Damp Dreamlands Only available with the Feast edition. In the damp dreamlands, many cloud beings have come to be. Take guidence from the cloud poochy, because he knows what's happening.
Tiny Tundra Only available with the Feast edition. In the Tiny Tundra, it's suprisingly hot. Watch out for wild dogs with hot tempers, because they can burn.
Pyro Plains Only available with the Feast edition. So this is why Tiny Tundra was so hot! It looks like Baby Bowser is behind this, so douse these flames to venture forth!
Crystal Cave Only available with the Feast edition. We're back at the Crystal Cave, and there seems to be a new passage opened up. Be cautious when spelunking in there, because it looks like this cave hasn't been used in decades!
Castle Castaway Only available with the Feast edition. We're nearing the end, but it seems Baby Bowser had nothing to do with this. Venture into this exotic castle and stop this madness!
Woolly World Only available with the Feast edition, and collecting all Yarn Fragments. A cool bonus world completely made out of Yarn. Hang out with Yarn Yoshi and have fun!



Each boss is a normal foe affected by a Kamek Fruit that they ate. Kamek appears before battle to feed them the fruit, which makes them mad and attack Yoshi. Oddly, each enemy likes Yoshi before they eat the fruit, despite their species normal habits.

Goombig Enlarged Goomba Beginner's Valley
Burt the Bashful Enlarged Burt Mild Wilds - ♜
Wiggles Enlarged Flutter Mild Wilds - ♛
Nep Enupa Enlarged Nep-Enut Hopper's Lake - ♜
Hopper Enlarged Cheep-Chomp Hopper's Lake - ♛
Shy Bandit Thief Shy Guy Jumpy Cliff - ♜
Bandit the Burglar Enlarged Bandit Jumpy Cliff - ♛
Chompar Enlarged Deranged Chomp Death Den - ♜
Putrid Piranha Enlarged Poisonous Piranha Plant Death Den - ♛
Conspiracee Dayzee Enlarged Crazee Dayzee Funky Forest - ♜
Robofuzzee Enlarged Mechanical Fuzzy Funky Forest - ♛
Chipper Enlarged Boo-Cheep-Cheep Hybrid Overcast Ocean - ♜
Hauntus Enlarged Boohemoth-Cheep-Chomp Hybrid Overcast Ocean - ♛
Kamek & Toadies Kamek and his Toadies Crystal Cave - ♜
Baby Bowser Baby Bowser Crystal Cave - ♜
Big Bad Baby Bowser Enlarged Baby Bowser & Kamek Crystal Cave - ♛
Podobomb Giant Bob-omb-Podoboo Hybrid Volcanic Cove - ♜
Blarggus Giant Blargg-Putrid Piranha Hybrid Volcanic Cove - ♛
Raphael the Robo-Raven Giant Raven-Robot Hybrid Mechanical Moon - ♜
Mechanical Moon Giant Robotic Moon Mechanical Moon - ♛
Goony the Greedy Giant Goonie Pirate Steamboat Skies - ♜
Plunder the Pirate Ship Giant Pirate Ship Steamboat Skies - ♛
Golem Bowser Giant Golem Baby Bowser Bowser Badlands - ♜
Bowmek Giant Bowser-Kamek Hybrid Bowser Badlands - ♛
Rexar Giant Rex Rickety Ravine - ♜



  • Acro-bot
  • Ariel Guy
  • Azazi
  • Goonie-bot

Cravings Edition

The Cravings Edition was the newest edition of the game released only for digital download through the Brock Productions Online Shop, also being available to the Pro Gamer Marketplace. The various changes include:

  • Updated title screen.
  • New character artworks.
  • Many bugs not previously patched are fixed.
  • New muiltiplayer mode, playable online with other players with the Cravings edition.
  • A new area titled Volcanic Cove is featured, accessed only through the Cravings door near the settlement.

Feast Edition

  • New character designs
  • Bug fixes
  •  New Modes: Speedrun Mode, Fruit Mode
  •  New Story: Another story after the main story is completed
  •  New Areas: Mechanical Moon, Steamboat Skies, Bowser Badlands, Rickety Ravine, Damp Dreamlands, Tiny Tundra, Pyro Plains, Crystal Cave, and Castle Castaway
  •  New Power-Ups: Wolf Berry, Whip Berry, Ranger Berry, Soldier Berry, Cherry Berry, Supersonic Berry, Elec Berry, Inferno Berry, Aqua Berry, Flurry Berry, Daggar Berry, Spin Berry, Skull Berry, Frost Berry, Cosmo Berry, Wind Berry
  •  New Bonus Challenge: Yoshi's Switch, Egg Thrust
  •  New Babies: Baby Waluigi, Baby Daisy, Baby Rosalina, Baby Koopa, and Baby Toad
  •  New Collectables: Smiley Flowers, and Yarn Fragments
  •  New Gadgets: Icicle Boots, Cacti Shell
  •  New Fruit: Cantelope, Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Orange



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