Yoshi's Island Trouble is the first episode of Yoshi Bros. It had a runtime of 10 minutes.

Act 1- Opening

Red got out of bed yawning, "Red Red! Emergency Emergency!" Yoshi yelled loudly beeping a nearby horn. Red lazily got out of bed and drank some coffee. "It better be something worthwhile of a emergency, I was dreaming about putting together a time machine made of diamonds able to teleport us 50 years into the future and back with its own cable TV attached" he said yawning.

Act 2- The Stork

Bill the Stork appears above the characters as the camera zooms into him. He drops 2 bundles wrapped up and Blue, who got up early, makes a dive for them. She unwraps the 2 bundles to see Baby Mario and Baby Luigi's butt. "This reminds me of those TV shows we watched as kids, with the terrible humor" Yoshi adds on when Blue quickly wraps them back up and notes "Well... uhh...".

Act 3- Yellow

While all of that happens and sirens beep in the distance. The camera zooms into Yellow sleeping like a baby, "I will save you... Princess Peach" He says sucking on his thumb in his sleep. He falls out of bed and it looks like he fell out the window, but he landed on a pile of cushions and starts rolling straight for the sea. A shark sees this and rushes to the shore. Yellow rolls onto the shark, and right as the shark was about to eat him, a pile of water fell on the shark causing him to quickly swim away. While Yellow is out at sea still sleeping peacefully, Red uses his newest invention, the Grab Hand, and pulls him back to land and into his bed.

Final Act- Trouble

5 hours later when all Yoshi's are up and awake, they hear a loud beep. "EVACUATE!" Yoshi yelled as a army of Goomba's swarm the island. Koopa's soon join the swarm and all of the Yoshi's evacuate into a boat. They row fast as Bullet Bills launch into the boat, causing holes. They see a island and row as fast as possible, until they reached it. "We lost our home and Yoshi's Island" Blue said trying not to cry. "It's ok... i'll rename this island Dinosaur Land!" Yellow announced and stuck a flag onto a stick to plant it in the sand.

It ends with a shot of Yoshi's Island swarmed, and dark clouds on the tallest mountain...


Mario Series- Princess Peach


Despite being called Yoshi's Island Trouble, the trouble is only in the final act and is not really shown

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