Yoshi's Island Thrii is a Yoshi's Island game. It has all 8 star children as playable babies, plus 2. It is up to 10 playable characters.

Yoshis and Babies

Green Yoshi/Baby Mario

Pink Yoshi/Baby Peach

Light Blue Yoshi/Baby Yoshi

Yellow Yoshi/Baby Bowser

Orange Yoshi/Baby Daisy

Purple Yoshi/Baby Luigi

Red Yoshi/Baby DK

Blue Yoshi/Baby Wario

Black Yoshi/Baby Funky

White Yoshi/Baby Toad

Baby Star Abilities

Baby Mario: Dash

Baby Luigi: Shrink

Baby Peach: Float

Baby DK: Grow

Baby Wario: Sense Treasure

Baby Bowser: Breathe Fire (most Baby Koopas can't.)

Baby Daisy: Grow Plants

Baby Funky: Hypnotize

Baby Toad: Sense Items

Baby Yoshi: Comes in 10 colors, can lay 6 eggs, making your total 12.

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