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Yoshi's Island Deluxe
Developer(s) Pixel Perfect Co.
Publisher(s) Pixel Perfect Co.
Platform(s) Nintendo Alpha
Release Date(s)
Summer 2013
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Series Yoshi
Predecessor Yoshi's Island DS

Yoshi's Island Deluxe is an upcoming installment in the Yoshi series. The game is set to be released sometime in the summer of 2013 for the Nintendo Alpha and is being developed by Pixel Perfect Co. Unlike previous installments in the Yoshi series, this game will be a 3D platformer, and will not involve the Baby Bros. The game will not be compatible with the TouchPad.


As stated above, the game is a 3D platformer. Other than that, the game will play almost exactly like the SNES installment of the series.


  • A: Jump
  • A (in midair): Flutter Jump
  • B: Gulp/Spit
  • X: Crouch
  • X (in midair): Ground Pound
  • X (with enemy in mouth): Lay egg
  • R: Fire
  • Left stick: Move


There are 8 different colors of Yoshi which can be controled. Each different color has a different effect.

Color Effect
Green None
Red When he spits, he breathes fire.
Blue Jumps slightly higher
Yellow Causes an earthquake when he ground pounds.
Cyan When he spits, he breathes ice.
Orange Slightly faster
Purple Can shoot his tongue out further.
Black Eggs cause a small explosion.

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