Yoshi's Island DS 2 is a new game by FOF, Inc. It is the sequel to Yoshi's Island DS. It will also be a bit easier than Yoshi's Island DS the games name was change to Yoshi's island 3ds and the games platform changed to 3ds.


  • Baby Mario: He can make M blocks visible so you can walk on them and hit them. He is also the only baby that can use the Super Stars.
  • Baby Luigi: Baby Luigi's ability is to let Yoshi jump higher and have L blocks appear and so you can walk on them and hit them.
  • Baby Peach: Baby Peach's ability is to use her parasol to glide down from high areas safely or fly up if there's a breeze. She can also use it as a shield to protect Yoshi.
  • Baby Yoshi: Baby Yoshi lets you hold more eggs, and he can also make you run faster.
  • Baby DK: Baby DK lets you dash to break through objects and climb on vines.
  • Baby Wario: Baby Wario lets you use his magnet to manipulate metal objects.
  • Baby Bowser: Baby Bowser lets you shoot fireballs to melt ice, but you can't use eggs or eat enemies.
  • Baby Daisy: Can use her watering pail so plants will grow.

Splitting up

Sometimes the babies will have to split up from Yoshi. When they do that, these are their abilities. To switch between the babies and Yoshi, press L. No enemies will attack the character you aren't playing as.

  • Baby Mario: He can smash things with his hammer.
  • Baby Luigi: He can jump.
  • Baby Peach: She can glide on the wind.
  • Baby DK: He can climb vines.
  • Baby Yoshi: Acts just like Yoshi.
  • Baby Wario: Can use his magnet.
  • Baby Bowser: Can shoot fire at enemies.
  • Baby Daisy: Can use her watering pail so plants grow.


World 1

World 2

World 3

World 4

World 5

World 6


Big Burt Triplets

Barry Bandit

Fangy Frank

Double Blargg

Fuzzy Fred

King Crabble

Chop Chomp

Ukiking Kong

Perry Koopa

Surly the Snifit

Buddy the Bumpty



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