YI4: KW is a DS game made by Vectrix, inc. It uses plenty of touch control, organized in a program called Toucher. Winter 2010 is the scheduled release.


Legend tells of a great dinosaur who destroyed Bowser of Old by enlisting the help of Baby Mario and the other 7 Yoshis. Then one day........Kamek, the evil Magikoopa, sealed Baby Bowser (today's Bowser) away in a massive room of nothingness, the stone slab doors held together by the 7 Dark Keys. Only the Keyholes of Light could ever magnetically pull the dark keys out. Now Yoshi and Baby Mario did not want to save Bowser, but Baby Peach was locked in his room! Only Baby Bowser has the key! We have to save him!



1. Yoshi Hill

2. Pyramid Peril

3. Sea of Shanty

4. Frantic Forest

5. Rapid River

6. Manic Mountain

7. Thunder Cloud

Kamek's Room Keys**

1. Airship Armada

2. Bowser's Castle, Floor 1

3. Bowser's Castle, Floor 2

4. Bowser's Castle, Floor 3

Save Peach!

1. Bowser's Castle, Tower Peak

2. Kamek's Room***

  • Every world has 4 levels, a tower, and a castle. They go L1, L2, T, L3, L4, C

    • These worlds have unique castles and towers, like the castle for 1. is "Into the Airship!"

      • Kamek's Room has one level only, that is "Kamek Attack!"


1. Brave Guy

2. Mummif

3. Captain Koopabeard

4. Prince Wigglar

5. Chomp Chomp

6. Cheif Rocky

7. Lakithunder

8. Mecha-Kamek

9. MagiGoomba

10. MagiCheep-Cheep

11. Red Magikoopa

12. Clyde the Yoshi

13. Kamek

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