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Yoshi's Island 3DS: Kamek's Revenge is the fourth installment of the Yoshi's Island series. Many new characters apear in the game. Hammer's R Us Inc. (in co-operation with Nintendo) also have said that Yoshi's are not the only rideable characters, there is also Birdo and Boshi as rideable characters. Also, Yoshi's now will have accessories such as cowboy hats, sunglasses and many more, also there will be downloadable ones for holidays!
Yoshi's Island 3DS: Kamek's Revenge
Developer(s) Hammer's R Us Inc. (in co-operation with Nintendo)
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Action and Adventure
Release Date(s)
Europe:22th May 2012

America:23th May 2012 Japan:20th May 2012 Australlia:TBA


Battle Race Time Trial Bubble Collect Egg Survival

Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Media Included 3DS cartridge


One morning at the Mushroom Kingdom, Kamek ordered some Shy Guys to catch the babies and send them over Yoshi's Island so they would never be seen again, first Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Toad, Baby Toadette, Baby Wario, Baby Waluigi, Baby Daisy, Baby Bowser (who was saved and now is good), were all taken by Toadies and dropped on the Island, then Baby Rosalina got transported to the Island by Kamek, next Baby Petey Piranha, Baby Diddy Kong and Baby DK were taken by some Shy Guys, finally Prince Boo was kidnapped from his mansion. Then Baby Mario wondered were they went, he got a stork and told it to take him to Yoshi's Island. Baby Mario gets there and tells the Yoshi's he needs help, they agree and Baby Mario continues on his quest...



Playable Babies

Character Ability Yoshi Colour How To Unlock
Baby Mario M Blocks  Red Default
Baby Luigi Super Jump Dark Green
Baby Peach

Parasol Float

Light Pink
Baby Daisy New Singing to Flowers Orange
Baby Wario Magnet Yellow
Baby Waluigi First Appearance Psycho Push  Purple
Baby Toad First Appearance Mini Mushroom Blue
Baby Toadette First Appearance Mini Mushroom Pink
Baby Yoshi Double Egg Trouble Light Green
Baby Birdo First Appearance Egg Fire Magenta
Baby Bowser Fireballs Dark Orange
Baby DK Swinging on Vines Brown
Baby Diddy Kong First Appearance Jet Pack Light Brown
Baby Koopa Troopa (Red Shell) First Appearance Shell Hide Crimson
Baby Dry Bones First Appearance Breakable Grey
Prince Boo First Appearance Teleport/Invisibility White
Baby Petey Piranha First Appearance Heavy Bright Red
Baby Rosalina First Appearance Manipulate gravity Cyan
Baby Kamek First Appearance Magic Missiles Dark Blue
Baby Dry Bowser First Appearance Breakable Dark Grey

Characters Riden On


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