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Yoshi's Island 3DS is an upcoming game for the Nintendo 3DS. It was released on April 12, 2011 in North America, April 28, 2011 in Europe, April 6, 2011 in Japan, and June 14, 2011 in Australia. It was developed and published by UML Inc.



One day on Yoshi's Island, the Yoshis were playing with Baby Mario, Baby Peach, Baby Luigi, and Baby Daisy. There were many colors of Yoshis. A moment later, a Stork brought more babies. When the Yoshis, the babies and the Stork were sleeping, Kamek sneaked out on Yoshi's Island and stole all the babies. Kamek hid all the babies in the levels that are in this game, but Baby Bowser wanted to bring Baby Luigi with him and put all of the other babies in the last level of each world in the game (except the last world). When the Yoshis woke up, they didn't see any of the babies. The Yoshis were wondering where was the babies and they thought they ran away. They found a note on the ground saying that Kamek stole the babies.

Meanwhile, Birdos and Boshi were taking a walk to Yoshi's Island. When they looked out a branch, they saw the Yoshis and Baby Mario. The Birdos and Boshi said that they can help, so they joined Yoshi's team. Finally, the Yoshis headed out of Yoshi's Island and then the adventure began.


The Yoshis, Birdos and Boshi finally rescued Baby Luigi and defeated Baby Bowser. Now all of the babies are Star Children. Then a new baby was born. It was Baby Yoshi. Everyone was happy to see Baby Yoshi.


There are many characters in this game (mostly babies). Any baby can ride Yoshi, Birdo or Boshi. They have to go through the evil clutches of Baby Bowser and Kamek.

Playable Characters

Image Name Description
YoshiPic Yoshi He's the default ridable character in the game! Not only the character can be riden, but other Yoshis are also ridable! He can swallow enemies into eggs, and launch them above! The baboes can ride on him, Birdo, or Boshi!
250px-MP8 Birdo Birdo TBA
Boshi NSMBSS Boshi After 15 years, Boshi has come back again! Over time between his disappearance, he and Yoshi has become allies! He has an adittude, but he's nice sometimes!
BabyMario Baby Mario It's Mario in his infant form! He gets unlocked at the end of World 1. In some levels, M Blocks can appear, which means only he can hit them! With him on Yoshi's back, the Yoshi can dash faster!
BabyPeach Baby Peach The baby form of our damsel, Princess Peach! At least she's not kidnapped by Bowser in this game! With her parasol, Yoshi(s), Birdo(s), and Boshi can flutter higher and further! She gets unlocked at the end of World 2.


There are many stages in this game. At the end of each world, the player rescues a baby.


  • Tutorial (played anytime, first played when a player starts a new file)

World 1

  • The Adventure Begins!
  • A Maze Game!
  • Harder Than it Looks...
  • Koopas and Shy Guys!
  • Chomping Chomps in a Fortress!
  • Underground Adventures!
  • Reaching the Sky!
  • Floating Platforms!
  • Flutter-a-lot!
  • Rescue Baby Mario!

World 2

  • M Block Practice!
  • Spiky Balls!
  • Inside the Water
  • Crashing Inside
  • Whomp Stomp
  • Shy Guy Army!
  • Island Pass
  • It's Freezing Here!
  • Wait for It...
  • Baby Peach is Kidnapped!

World 3

  • Baby Mario or Baby Peach?
  • Girl Power!
  • Hurricane Blow!
  • Bullets, Missiles, and Banzais!
  • Flutter Butter
  • Giant Pits, Tiny Enemies!
  • Watch Your Step...
  • Not Dying, But Flying!
  • They Don't Bite!
  • Baby DK, the Vine-Climbing Monkey!

World 4

  • Ooh! Ooh! Aah! Aah!
  • Climb 'em Vines!
  • Work Your Way Through
  • Kinds of Fruit
  • Go Fast!!
  • Dash with Baby DK!
  • Kingdom of Freedom
  • Too Much Food!
  • Peek-a-BOO!!!
  • Greedy and Magnetic

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