This is a brand-new Yoshi's Island game for 3DS and Wii U. The game is so new that Yoshi is now in a new dimension, the 3D. Enjoy playing Yoshi's Island with awesome brand-new 3D levels, worlds and completely new story.
Logo 3dyoshi


It was a peaceful day in Yoshi's Island, all the Yoshis were having so much fun until... Dimentio Appears!! Dimentio, the 2-Dimensional Magician appears, he was ready to turn everything in pure 2D, when Yoshi (Green) jump over him and well... basically eat him and turn him into a Yoshi egg. However the Dimentio's Magic was kinda sucessful, he turn Yoshi's Island into a 3-Dimensional Island making Yoshi's Island 3D. When Dimentio get out of the egg he saw all the 3D around him, luckily for him his plan was going better than ever, he and Kamek are going to control all the 3D Island. Kamek never told Bowser Jr. about his new plan, so Bowser Jr. call the Koopaling for the big EVIL plan. Ludwig tired of do what the others want join the Yoshis, a time that his big enemy is Mario and not them.

Playabel Characters

  • Yoshi
  • Red Yoshi
  • Light-Blue Yoshi
  • Yellow Yoshi
  • Ludwig Von Koopa


W1 - Yoshi's 3D Plains

W2 - Shy Guy Canyon

W3 - Wooly World

W4 - Ludwig's Neo City

W5 - Raven Highs

W6 - Snowball Mountain

W7- Sunset Island/Sunrise Island

W8 - Mangrove Cruiser

W9 - Dual Dimensions

W10 - Meteor Volcano

World Kamek - Kamek's Magic Land

Special World - Secret Lagoon


  • Kamek (W1 Boss)
  • General Guy & Shy Guys (W2 Boss)
  • Raphael, the Raven (W5 Boss)
  • Dimentio (W9 Boss)
  • Bowser Jr. (W10 Boss)
  • Dry Chomp & Dimentio (W10 True Boss)
  • Gigantic Kamek (WK Boss)
  • Gargantua Kamek, the Deathly Magikoopa (Final Boss)


Overworld theme: [[1]]

Overworld theme 2: [[2]]

Canyon Theme: [[3]]

Title theme: [[4]]

Map Theme: [[5]]

Final Boss: [[6]]

Underwater theme/Ending theme: [[7]]

Results Theme: [[8]]

...more soundtracks coming soon...

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