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Theatrical release poster.
Genre Action, Fantasy
Distributed by Nintendo
Release Date October 23, 2011
Starring Charles Martinet, Kazumi Totaka,
Samantha Kelly, Deanna Mustard,
Caety Sagoian, Katsumi Suzuki,
Kenny James
Ticket Price $6 per person (Canadian Money)
Running Time 82 Minutes (Normal)
106 Minutes (Koopa Kollektor's Edition)

Yoshi's Island is a 2011 computer-animated film based on the video game Yoshi's Island DS. The film features the voices of the cast from the game, with the exception of Baby Bowser (who is voiced by Caety Sagoian, the voice of Bowser Jr.) and Baby Donkey Kong (who is voiced by Katsumi Suzuki, the voice of Diddy Kong). The film was released in theatres everywhere on December 10, 2011 and on DVD and Blu-ray on March 28, 2012.


One day, while playing, Kamek flew down and stole 4 of the star children: Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach and Baby Daisy. Shocked by this, Yoshi and his friend Birdo search off to take down Baby Bowser and Kamek, with the help of Baby Donkey Kong and Baby Wario.

Meanwhile, Bowser comes from the future to kidnap the Star Children and Yoshi and Birdo have to save the star children.


Main Cast

Actor Character
Charles Martinet Baby Mario, Baby Luigi and Baby Wario
Kazumi Totaka Yoshi
Samantha Kelly Baby Peach
Deanna Mustard Baby Daisy
Caety Sagoian Baby Bowser
Katsumi Suzuki Baby Donkey Kong
Kenny James Bowser
Jen Taylor Birdo
Atsushi Masaki Kamek

Secondary Cast

Actor Character
Doc Shaw Goomba 1
Mitchel Musso Goomba 2
Freddie Prinze, Jr. Various Goombas, Koopa Mystery Solver 1
Sarah Michelle Gellar Various Koopas, Koopa Mystery Solver 2
Linda Cardellini Koopa Mystery Solver 3
Matthew Lillard Koopa Mystery Solver 4
Jeff Marsh Roger the Potted Ghost
Dan Povenmire Hookbill the Koopa
Peter Oldring Salvo the Slime
Michael Sorich Naval Piranha
Tara Strong Raphael the Raven
Colin Murdock Tap-Tap the Red Nose


Yoshi's Island was released on March 28, 2012 on DVD and Blu-ray, and included a commentary by Charles Martinet (as Mario) and Kenny James (as Bowser) talking about the movie and the original ideas, 16 deleted scenes, a Yoshi's Island interactive tour, and a "Meet'n'Greet" character section.

A special edition of the movie, called Yoshi's Island: Koopa Kollektor's Edition was released on January 16, 2013 and included a Yoshi's Island soundtrack including 20 of the songs from Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island DS, along with a "History of Mario" book, 3 Yoshi posters and an extended scene that included a time travel forward in time, thanks to a Magikoopa.

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