The film's original theatrical release poster.

Yoshi's Island is a 1995 Japanese animated feature based on the video game of the same name. The film was released on November 25, 1995 in Japan and became a success.

The film was directed by Masami Hata, marking this as his second Mario film after Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach!.

The film runs 68 minutes.


Plot coming soon so please excuse how the article looks.

NOTE: While the film's plot still uses elements from the game, the boss fights are limited to the enemies featured on the poster (except for Kamek)

SUMMARY: (Translated from the summary on the Japanese VHS)

When a baby lands in a puddle on Yoshi's Island, the green Yoshi is chosen to take him on a quest to find a mystic emerald kept in Bowser's castle. Said emerald is known to reunite separated family members and love ones, but Kamek is planning to destroy the emerald so it's a race against time!

Cast (Japanese)

Production Committee

  1. Shochiku-Fuji Company
  2. Nintendo
  3. Tatsunoko Pro
  4. Bandai
  5. Bandai Visual/Emotion
  6. Nippon Television Network Corporation
  7. Dentsu
  8. BMG Japan


The film's soundtrack was released on CD and cassette from BMG Japan on November 29, 1995.

The film's score was composed by Joe Hisaishi.
Yoshi's Island Anime Soundtrack

The cover of the soundtrack CD


  1. OP/Story (3:20)
  2. The Emerald (1:20)
  3. The Adventure (2:55)
  4. Yoshi Rock 'N Roll (3:34) by Dreams Come True
  5. Boss Fight (1:53)
  6. Defeated! (0:50)
  7. Baby Bowser's Castle (3:29)
  8. The Final Battle (3:30)
  9. Reunion (1:28)
  10. Arigato, Yoshi (3:28) by Megumi Hayashibara

Total Duration: 0:25:47

The score was orchestrated by the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra.

A 30-minute video titled "The Music of Yoshi's Island" was released on VHS and Laserdisc by BMG on February 7, 1996. The film explored the making of the film's music and included the recording sessions of the songs.


In Japan, the film grossed 1.3 billion yen against a budget of 820,092,499 JPY.

In Germany, the film grossed 38.5 million DEM.

The film earned $78,578,698 worldwide.


The film recieved positive reviews from moviegoers and critics. Some praised the film for following the game closely but many criticized the short time length which is unusual for an animated feature.

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