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This game is made by SuperGamerPlayer. You are free to make spelling and grammar edits but please don't make huge edits without my permission. If you have any questions, feel free to put in the comments.

Yoshi's Island: Trouble With Babies is the sequel to Yoshi's New Island for the Nintendo 3DS and will be released the 23rd of August 2014

Confirmed Characters:




The last time Yoshi rescued Baby Mario and Baby Luigi from Kamek's clutches, The Stork sets off on a new adventure to deliever Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. As the Stork is flying to the Babies' house, an airship appears with Kamek riding on it. He then sends out a device to suck up the Stork and the babies. Kamek sucks up the Stork and Baby Luigi but Baby Mario falls down to the land below him.

Meanwhile on Yoshi's Island, all of the Yoshis are celebrating Yoshi's birthday. All of a sudden, Baby Mario floats down and lands on the cake, while the Yoshis have no idea what just happened. Yoshi goes over to investigate what happened when a laser rises out of the ground. Baby Bowser then speaks over a loud speaker he is going to blow Yoshi Island up. Yoshi picks up Baby Mario and puts him on his back.

Baby Mario explains to the Yoshis that Kamek has captured Baby Luigi. Baby Mario then teams up with all the Yoshis to save their island and Baby Luigi.

The Yoshis with Baby Mario venture to Baby Bowser's Castle where they defeat him and rescue Baby Luigi. Yoshi finds the machine the controls the bomb and switches it off. The Stork then leaves with Baby Mario and Baby Luigi and the Yoshis say their goodbye to their baby friend.

Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are then delivered to their rightful parents and back on Yoshi's Island, Yoshi and his friends are celebrating his birthday and they all of a slice of his cake, But is this the end of Baby Bowser? well I guess we'll find out next time!


World 1:

1-1: The Yoshis and the Babies

1-2: Chain Chomp Ramp

1-3: Fang Cave

1-4: Cape Catastrophe

1-5: Turnaround Treehouse

1-B: Salvo the Slime's Castle

World 2:

2-1: Hectic Harry Hedgehog Hill

2-2: Pokey Temple

2-3: Uikiki's Haunted Pyramid

2-4: Fort Lava Tree Climb

2-5: Treasures of the Eggs

2-B: Roger the Potted Ghost's Castle

World 3:

3-1: Crystal Cove

3-2: Swimming with the Fishes

3-3: Mystical Monkeys

3-4: Underwater Fortress

3-5: Star Fish Sea

3-B: Naval Piranha's Castle

World 4:

4-1: Hop Pop Balloon Path

4-2: Don't Hop Till You Drop

4-3: Underground Patrol

4-4: Fort Calamity

4-5: Furious Falls

4-B: Hookbill the Koopa's Castle

World 5:

5-1: The Great Bumpty Blizzard

5-2: Go Go Snow Mountain

5-3: Avalanche

5-4: Fort Ready Steady Go

5-5: It Is Cold

5-B: Raphael the Raven's Castle

World 6:

6-1: Volcanic Panic

6-2: They See Me Rolling

6-3: Lava Ocean

6-4: Fort Fiery Finale

6-5: Road to Bowser

6-B: Baby Bowser's Castle

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