Yoshi's Island Wii U(tentative title) is the 15th Yoshi installment exclusively platformed for the 3DS. It is a 2D platformer developed by Fritez Franchise. Notably, it is the direct sequel to Yoshi's New Island but it is visully has a hand-drawn style rather than 3D renders. The story takes place on Desseted Island

It returns core gameplay from past installments along with new gameplay. 


Not much is known about the story, but it is known that Wart returns and tries to merge himshelf with a magical aincent statue to stop the babies from aging so they'll never grow up to defeat him.


Yoshi's Gameplay

Alike previous installments, Yoshi's Island Wii U is a side-scrolling 2.5D platformer.  Many of Yoshi's moves return namely his Flutter Jump, Gulp and Egg throwing abilities. Of course walking, running and jumping, typical platforming moves also make a comeback.

Yoshi's tounge also returns. Like past installments with a press of a button he can strike with his tounge verticlly or horizontally. Yoshi can also grapple and pluck turnips from the ground with his tounge. If Yoshi swallows an ene

The game also includes a background and foreground mechanic. From the foreground he can eat background enemies by tapping them and can throw eggs to attack or activate switches. Some enemies in the background send siege into the foreground, some even change positions. Yoshi can traverse the background after licking a Swap Post, in which pulls him from the foregrounf to the background and vice-verca.

Babies also return, granting Yoshi extra abilities that are vital for combat and solving puzzles. Babies can be chosen before a level and at stork stops. At first only Baby Mario is avaible , but 5 more babies are unlocked as progress in made. Instead of taking damage from attacks, the selected baby becomes encased in a bubble and seperates from Yoshi. Afterwards, Yoshi will only have 10 seconds to recover the baby, If not recoverd in time Toadies will take the baby away and Yoshi will lose a life.

Baby Gameplay

Controls and Yoshi's Moves



Egg Parade



Image Variation Description Levels
Green Yoshi


Image Baby Description Ability Ultra Ability
Baby Mario Baby Mario can use his cape to drasticlly speed up Yoshi's dashing speed. When Yoshi is aiming an egg, Baby Mario will repedeately slam his hammer behind him to defend Yoshi.
Baby Luigi Baby Luigi will automaticlly suck in ghostly enemies with his Poltergust 2000. However, being a prototype, the Poltergust 2000 can't completely suck in enemies but rather halfway in, leaving yoshi to finish off the ghost enemy. Baby Luigi also reveals hidden objects/enemies when he rides on yoshi. When Yoshi is throwing an egg, Baby Luigi will use a Chanin Chomp to lunge at enemies behind him. But there is much lagging time after the chomp lunges.
Baby Peach Baby Peach can use her parasol to sheild Yoshi from falling obstacles and to verticlly glide for a short time. 
Baby Toad When eggs are made with Baby Toad riding, instead of small eggs, big eggs are created. When rewards like coins pop out of eggs, double the amount pops out.
Baby Wario Baby Wario can utilize his magnet and magnetize distant coins torwards Yoshi. Somtimes, when Baby Wario riding, Wario Bombs will be created instead of eggs.
Baby DK Baby DK can grip onto vines, grass, chains ect. and even climb them. By dashing and attacking, Yoshi can turn into an egg and Baby DK can roll on him to preform a move similar to that of the rolling move that originated in DKCR.

Baby Rosalina

Baby Rosalina has a diperd Baby Luma that can hold hold a nearby enemy or object in place for Yoshi.  Now another, orange Baby Luma will assist Yoshi instead of just the yellow luma.
Baby Yoshi Baby Yoshi can swallow enemies behind him to create throwable eggs. Baby Yoshi can now throw eggs behind Yoshi.



  • Hazy Dayzee- Donut Plains
  • Baby Bowser- Donut Plains
  • Shy Reaper-Raisin Manor
  • Prince Boo- Raisin Manor
  • Angry Sun- Mint Skies
  • King Kappus- Mint Skies
  • Archy
  • Wart


  • Donut Plains
  • Raisin Manor
  • Mint Skies
  • Fa 
  • Soda Lake
  • La
  • Ti 
  • Do




Image Name Description
EggYIWU Yoshi Egg