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Yoshi's Island: The Wrath of Kamek is a game in the Yoshi series. Since Yoshi's New Island was an midquel, it is the true sequel to Yoshi's Island DS. It features all the baby characters and some new ones.

Yoshi's Island: The Wrath of Kamek
North American title screen for Yoshi's Island: The Wrath of Kamek.
Developer(s) BlueFantendoLogo
Publisher(s) BlueFantendoLogo
Release Date(s)
February 22, 2015
Single player, multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Yoshilogo19
Predecessor TBA
Successor TBA
Media Included Wii U optical disc


After being defeated four times, Kamek has had enough. He decides to turn the tables by kidnapping Baby Mario and now Baby Luigi, Yoshi and the Yoshis had to go save him. They eventually again meet with the babies from Yoshi's Island DS.




World 1

World 2

  • Dr. Bandit (Fort)
  • Crazee Garden Infestation (Castle)

World 3

  • Harry Hedgeboar (Fort)
  • Big Mouser (Castle)

World 4

  • Tsunami Fish (Fort)
  • Airship Kabooma (Castle)

World 5

  • Hookbill the Paratroopa (Fort)
  • Prince Boo (Castle)

World 6

  • AK-47 Snifit (Fort)
  • Expensive Expensive (Castle)

World 7

  • Demon-wing Flutter (Fort)
  • Penultimate Guy (Castle/penultimate boss)
  • Kamek (Castle/final boss 1/3)
  • Baby Bowser (Castle/final boss 2/3)
  • Giant Baby Bowser (Castle/final boss 2/3)
  • Bowser (true final boss 1/2)
  • Giant Bowser (true final boss 2/2)

Levels and Worlds

World 1

  2. Kidnapped in the Future
  3. Cavern of Harry Hedgehog
  4. Prince Goomba the Shaved's Fort
  5. Get Away from the Goonies
  6. Those Evil Piranha Plants
  7. Magnetism
  8. Petey Nipper's Castle
  • Poochy's IQ is at Least Mediocre (Extra)

World 2

  1. Bandit Alley
  2. Garden Full of Flutters
  3. Jungle King
  4. Dr. Bandit's Fort
  5. DAYZEE!
  6. Cart, Not Kart
  7. Don't Let the Cute Look Fool You
  8. Crazee Garden Infestation's Castle
  • Take a Chill Pill, Wiggler! (Extra)

World 3

  1. Revenge of the Fat Guys
  2. Yo-ski
  3. Raise the Prices!
  4. Harry Hedgeboar's Fort
  5. Look for Fishin' Lakitu
  6. No Needlenoses Allowed
  7. Ravens Arise
  8. Big Mouser's Castle
  • Rich Baby! (Extra)

World 4

  1. Is That a Goomba?
  2. Spray Fish Fountain
  3. Good Monkey, Bad Monkey
  4. Tsunami Fish's Fort
  5. Castlefangia!
  6. Bullet Bills Attack!
  8. Airship Kabooma's Castle
  • All Aboard the Airship (Extra)

World 5

  1. Yay, Clouds!
  2. Fly Guys Fly
  3. Down the Snowy Hill
  4. Hookbill the Paratroopa's Fort
  5. Back to the Clouds
  6. Shy Guy Rainbow
  7. Watch out for Random Weather!
  8. Prince Boo's Castle
  • Survive in the Snow (Extra)

World 6

  1. Awwww!
  2. Grim Leechers are Leeching
  3. When Will We Find the Last Baby?
  4. AK-47 Snifit's Fort
  5. Yoshi Can Eat!
  6. Prepare for the Platforms
  7. Waluigi, Winner
  8. Expensive Expensive's Castle
  • Beware the Hooks (Extra)

World 7

  1. This is a LOONG Adventure
  2. Foe or Friend?
  3. We Saved ALL the Babies!
  4. Demon-wing Flutter's Fort
  5. Tap-Taps and Traps
  6. In Space with Ravens
  8. Breaking into Bowser's Castle
  • Exploring the Castle (Extra)

World 8 (Bonus)

  1. Bonus Level 1
  2. Bonus Level 2
  3. Bonus Level 3
  4. Bonus Level 4
  5. Bonus Level 5
  6. Bonus Level 6
  7. Bonus Level 7
  8. Bonus Level 8
  • Bonus Bonus Level (Extra)

Items & objects

  • ! Block
  • ! Switch
  • Arrow Lift
  • Baron von Zeppelin
  • Bucket
  • Character Coin
  • Chomp Rock
  • Egg Block
  • Egg-Plant
  • Expansion Block
  • Flatbed Ferry
  • Flower
  • GOAL! Ring
  • Hint Block
  • Key
  • Morph Bubble
  • Red Coin
  • Red Egg
  • Star
  • Winged Cloud
  • Yellow Egg
  • Yoshi Egg


  • After the game is beaten, the player can choose the Yoshi they want to play as when entering a level with the exception of LUIGI TIME!, Breaking into Bowser's Castle, and Bonus Bonus Level where they must play as the Yoshi character. Not to be confused with Green Yoshi.
  • World 8 is the only World where Baby Mario is playable.
  • At the end of the credits where it cuts to the future, it reveals that Toad, Toadette, and Bowser Jr. are going to be Star Children.
  • There was also a flashback that showed that Professor E. Gadd, the Yoshi character, Toadsworth, and even Kamek were Star Children.
  • Nintendo made it more obvious to tell the character apart from a normal Green Yoshi by making the Green Yoshis' skins noticeably darker than the Yoshi character.


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