Yoshi's Island: The Trouble is a video game developed by the Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development division for the Wii U in 2012. It is the latest game of the Yoshi's Island series.


Our story begins with Yoshi and his friends traveling in Yoshi's Island looking for some food. When suddenly, Bowser and Baby Bowser kidnapped the Yoshies and tossed them far, far away, like 1,000,000 miles away from Yoshi's Island. Yoshi and Pink Yoshi notice that they need to get back to Yoshi's Island to defeat Baby Bowser and Bowser.


There are four modes to choose from; Story Mode, Minigame Mode, Time Attack Mode and Options.


A large amount of gameplay comes from adventure mode, similarly played out like the original. Throughout the eight unique worlds, a different coloured Yoshi takes on one out of eight levels, with a mini-boss in Level 4 and a boss in Level 8 of each world. Enemies, items, and coins litter the levels, as well as collectibles. When a Yoshi is hit by an enemy, he loses HP. If all HP is lost, it's Game Over.


There are several Minigames to be unlocked in Adventure Mode:

  • Time Attack Trail - A minigame where Yoshi must reach the goal within 30 seconds or less.
  • Star Collection - A minigame in which Yoshi must collect as many Stars as he can.
  • Shy Guy Wipeout - A minigame in which Yoshi must defeat every Shy Guy and get every coin.

All minigames have a set time limit, except Time Attack Trail. Achieving a high score in any minigame will award the player with a 1-Up Mushroom.

Time Trail

Unlockable once Adventure Mode has been beaten, Time Trail is just like Adventure mode, however the player is timed. The player has one hundred minutes to finish each level - even when the players presses the Start Button, the time keeps going. If the player collects Coins, Red Coins and Stars, time is added to the time taken to finish the level.


From the Options menu, players can change the controls of the game. Hasty and Patient are the two different control schemes the player choose from. Below are the controls of the game and the differences between Hasty and Patient.


Control Pad: Move

Start: Pause the game

R Button (holding): Move cursor

R Button (let go): Release egg

A Button: Dash

B Button: Jump


Control Pad: Move

Start: Pause the game

R Button: Move cursor

R Button: Release egg

A Button: Jump

B Button: Dash

Yoshi's Moves

Yoshi and his friends have many different moves on their adventure. Here's a list of them:

Jumping and Flutter-Jumping

The player can press B or A to jump; pressing the button again and holding it, the player can make a Yoshi Flutter Jump. This helps the player get to higher places.

Swallowing and Making Eggs

To make eggs, a Yoshi has to swallow an enemy and then squat to turn it into an egg or, hit an Egg Block. Not all enemies can be made into eggs as some may just be eaten or are inedible for Yoshi.

Ground Pound

To make this move a Yoshi must jump and quickly press down on the control pad. The Yoshi will pound the ground and is useful for defeating enemies and bosses and it will also let Yoshies make pillars go down and soft stone disappear.

Throwing Eggs

When a Yoshi eats an enemy, it can turn into an egg. By pressing R, Yoshi can aim the egg he made at various things, and throw it. If the player pressed B by accident, he can cancel Yoshi from throwing an egg by pressing down on the Control Pad.


A Yoshi can morph into several different types of vehicles with the help of a Morph Bubble. Morph Bubbles appear many times in the game. There are three forms:

  • Helicopter: The helicopter is able to make a Yoshi fly for a short time.
  • Submarine: The submarine can make a Yoshi swim underwater.
  • Mole Tank: This tank makes a Yoshi able to dig through small openings and dirt.

To turn back into a Yoshi, the Yoshi must either touch a Yoshi Block or wait until a little while and time runs out, as the forms only last for a few seconds. However, when the Yoshi is turned back into a dinosaur, he will also return back to the Morph Bubble if he fails to reach the Yoshi block in time.

Items and Objects

As the Yoshies progress through their adventure, there are many items and objects they need to collect, though not all items are necessary.

Yoshi Eggs                                 Coins

Keys                                          Hint Blocks

Super Stars

Worlds and Levels

There is a total of eight worlds, with each one having eight normal levels, one secret level, and one extra level. The secret levels are unlocked when all the normal levels are cleared. The extra levels are unlocked by scoring a total of 800 points for each world.

Grassy Plains

Sandy Desert

Tropical Beach

Snowy Island

Volcanic Jungle

Climbing Mines

Cloudy Sky

Yoshi's Island


For a list of all the enemies, click here.


Each world has two castles, with a boss battle taking place in each. Kamek uses his magic to enlarge common enemies.

Grassy Plains

Sandy Desert

Tropical Beach

Snowy Island

Volcanic Jungle

Climbing Mines

Cloudy Sky

Yoshi's Island

Downloadable Content

Players are able to download additional worlds from the Yoshi's Island: The Trouble! shop. Each world includes ten courses not found in the actual game, and is for free. Because there are only ten courses in each world, they are played in the same order. Two-to-three worlds are released at a time, and can be bought individually or in a set with a combined price of the costs of each world. Give me which worlds I should include in the comments, and I'll post it up.


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  • This is the only game in which Yoshi's Island is the final world, instead of the first world.

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