Yoshi's Island: Pokemon Story is a new DS game in the Yoshi's Island series.


In the Pokemon World, there was a gang of Pokémon called the Poké Pals. They had lots of adventures together, until one day, a strange yellow portal appeared, causing a dimensional rift. The Poké Pals explored into the portal, and suddenly, they were in the sky of Yoshi's Island.Trying to grab hold of each other as they fell, they were hit by a massive flock of Goonies. All of them fell down and separated to the different parts of the island. Yoshi, calmly walking along, was hit by the falling Turtwig.Yoshi instinctively put Turtwig on his back and tried to save the Poke Pals, with the other Yoshies joining in.


The player controls Yoshi, who constantly has a Pokemon on his back.The player must complete each sidescroller level by defeating enemies, solving puzzles, and generally moving.Yoshi can fight enemies by using jumps, Ground Pounds, swallowing enemies, and tossing eggs.Pokemon also have abilities that help Yoshi progress through the level and defeat enemies.After every six levels, there is a boss fight.


This list is under construction.

  • Chimchar:Lets Yoshi spew fireballs that melts ice and harms enemies, but cannot throw eggs.Chimchar also lights up dark areas.Found in world 1-3.
  • Piplup:Lets Yoshi swim and can shoot bubbles, turning enemies into items.Found in world 2-1.
  • Turtwig:Lets Yoshi swing across gaps by using vines, and when Yoshi throws an egg, the egg explodes into four leaves that can pass through walls.Found at the start of the game.


  • Wild Plains
  • Lake Tessie
  • Scorch Mountain
  • Thunderous Ruins
  • Cloudy Climb
  • Chill Snowfield
  • Gloomtail Tower

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