Yoshi's Island: Mirror Suprise is a Yoshi's Island game for the Wii U made by LegendaryStar Co.. It involves Yoshi traveling through a world made of mirrors and illusions.


Baby Mario and Baby Luigi were peacefully playing with their parents. Just then, Kamek attacks and steals Baby Luigi. The stork appears just in time to save Baby Mario and decides to put him somewhere safe untill Kamek disappears, but he gets hit by Plane Guy and Baby Mario is knocked down into a mirror. Yoshi and friends, seeing Baby Mario fall from the sky, decide to get to where Baby Mario is and find the mirror he fell through. Yoshi and friends eventually find Baby Mario after entering the Mirror Lands that are inside the mirror. Baby Mario senses that Baby Luigi is in the Mirror Lands. Yoshi and friends decide to help Baby Mario save Baby Luigi and explore the Mirror Lands. More to come...


Image Character Description Stats
Yoshi A dinosaur who lives on Yoshi's Island. He is a happy fellow who is good with adventures. His special Melon is the Fire Melon.

Speed: 2/5

Power: 2/5

Flutter: 5/5

Jump: 4/5

Burt The Bashful A giant Burt who is a friend to all. He is very strong, and can push and move anything! His special Melon is the Sniper Melon.

Speed: 3/5

Power: 5/5

Flutter: 0/5

Jump: 2/5

Birdo Birdo is a dinosaur that travels the world. She is very good with shooting eggs. Her special Melon is the Butterfly Melon

Speed: 4/5

Power: 4/5

Flutter: 1/5

Jump: 2/5

Arouffle A mammoth from Sarasahland. He is very good with running. His special Melon is the Vanish Melon.

Speed: 5/5

Power: 2/5

Flutter: 2/5

Jump: 5/5


World 1: Shy Guy Toybox

Image Level Description
1-1: Green Eggs, Blue Eggs The basic tutorial level which is a basic meadow. A brand new Egg, the Wet Blue Egg, is introduced here.
1-2: Crystal Caverns A cave level that is dark and illuminated by crystals. A returning Character form bubble, the Train Bubble, is brought back here.
1-3: Subcon Rock-Off A meadow level with Chomp Rocks and actual Chain Chomps. A new Character Form Bubble, the Rocket Bubble, is introduced here in a secret path.
1-4: Pom-Pom's Pink Fort The flowering fortress of World 1. There are Plant Enemies everywhere as well as Gardener Guys tending to them. The miniboss is Pom-Pom.
1-5: Tornado Trouble Broken pieces of land inside a tornado. You use the returning Character Form Bubble, the Plane Bubble for almost the entire level.
1-6: RUN!!! In this level, you constantly run from a gigantic and invincible Stilt Guy. The Stilt Guy eventually gets stuck in a pit with only his head sticking out.
1-7: Melon Museum This level introduces the 4 Melons, the Fire Melon, the Sniper Melon, the Butterfly Melon, and the Vanish Melon. The Train Bubble is also here.
1-Castle: Plane Guy's Airfeild Castle The flying castle where Plane Guy resides. You use the returning Character Form Bubble, the Jackhammer Bubble, to break in from the top. The boss is Plane Guy. The Explode Egg is introduced here too.

World 2: Flute Desert





Image Boss Description Way to Beat
Pom-Pom The miniboss of all odd worlds and the miniboss of World 8 along with Boom-Boom. Reflect her boomerang with a Egg to make the boomerang hit Pom-Pom. Do this 3 times.
Plane Guy A Fly Guy enhanced by Kamek's magic. He flies around the screen and drops Bomb-Ombs. Eat a Bomb-Omb, make a Explode Egg, and throw it at Plane Guy. Do this 3 times.
Prince Pokey The prince of the Pokeys. He drills through the ground and then pops back up with Grinders. Use eggs from a Egg Flower to destroy all 5 of his segments. As he gets smaller, he gets quicker.

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