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Yoshi island: From the begin
Developer(s) Shadowlord554
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
single player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D platform
Media Included Nintendo DS:


Yoshi's Island: From the Beginning is a Yoshi's Island game for the Wii and DS. In this game the Yoshi's who also have a revolution agianst the Koopa army have to save the babies who were taken by Kamek. The Koopas who take orders from their mighty King Morton Koopa Sr. want to use the babies for their new dark project.


Morton stands at the cliffside waiting for Kamek to arrive with the babies. After a long time the sky becomes blackened by a mess of flying Magikoopas with Kamek in front. Kamek commands the Magikoopas to throw the babies beneath the dark castle. One of the Magikoopas lost a baby, not knowing that the baby was Baby Mario. Yoshi's Island was in that time part of the Koopa empire , but strangely the Yoshis become in resistance and are leading a rebellion agianst the evil Koopa King Morton. 

With a perfect plan the Yoshi's thought about a final siege to defeat Morton but to first defeat his strongest minions. The Yoshi's stand together, finally to free there race from the Koopa empire. A Dark Yoshi appeared giving them the map to help the Yoshis in their quest defeating their enemy.

When the yoshi's entered Yoshi forest and defeated General guy Kamek stand before them. Annoyed by the enemies, she created Cloud N. Candy to slay yoshi but yoshi succeeded in defeated Cloud N. Candy. Yoshi later at the end of yoshi forest chalanged Kamek for a dual. Kamek accepted, though that she would win wasn't strong enough and yoshi defeated her trowhing her in the sea.

After Kamek defeated by yoshi's hand she told Morton about the yoshi's betrayal. Morton already new about there betrayel commanded the boohemoth and tutankoopa to hunt them down.

The yoshi's later had taken the candy hills back they destoyed the boohemot. Miles away the dark yoshi hoping to assault the koopa troop with there most powerfull soldiers but they where defeated by a group of koopa's who where led by Baby Bowser. When Yoshi defeated Tutankoopa Yoshi stand before a spirit of a old koopa warrior, The spirit told that he was an ancient koopa prince and that he died in a battle with the dark yoshi

At last Kamek raised a giant death piranha plant known as lava piranha plant, but the plant wasn't a chalange for Yoshi defeated him easily. Kamek discovered a giant bomb beneath the castle she discovered that the dark Yoshi had planed too escape. She atteked used a spell too take over his mind.

Yoshi at last entered the great mines where he face mouser and kamek, when Kamek was defeated Yoshi tried to slay her but was interupted by a dark being who saved Kamek and brought her to the rift of shadow, the darkest place on Yoshi's island. Yoshi al last entered the place and fought a twisted spirit of Dhuwors. At last Yoshi defeated the dark beast the dark yoshi got its mind back. At last Kamek taked him with her.

The last chalangers stand before yoshi to finish his quest. He enteren the woo hoo mansion where he at last defeated Kamek, Kamek wounded by Yoshi left her behind. At the end of the mansion The king of the boo's waited Yoshi but Yoshi won. At last Yoshi entered the great fortess of Morton the koopa castle where Yoshi taked down all the koopa's.

At last Yoshi assaulted koopa's tower a small koopa known as baby Bowser. Baby Bowser was the second in comand of the koopa army. When Yoshi defeated Baby Bowser, Morton stand in front tells that Bowser had failed. But The dark Yoshi reveals himself as Usura chalanged the koopa king. At the great final battle took place but Usura won and the bomb that was left behind expodes destroying almost the entire castle the Yoshi's thogether with his other friends escaped left Morton and Usura behind. Yoshi found Baby Mario and took him with him. At last the Yoshi's where at a party. In the last scene Morton stand wounded willing to take revenge telling himself it was not over.



If a stage begins you can choose with color yoshi you would like. Only the with and the black are unlochable.

For the white Yoshi You must have completed Tutankoopa in world 3. The black Yoshi You must have beaten Usura in the rift of shadow, when you beated baby Bowser you have to play Usura to defeat Morton.

Worlds and stages.

8 worlds

The game does have 8 worlds with everytime some mini and one big boss.

  • Wolrd 2: Candy hills
  • World 3: Bonus desert
  • World 4: Mount fiery
  • World 5: The great mines
  • World 6: The rift of shadow
  • World 7:woo woo mansion
  • World 8: Koopa castle


Mini bosses

Bosses Element Tactic Stage

General guy


Shy guy minions Swallow him, make a Yoshi egg and throw him into a heavy spike. 1-2 Yoshi forest
C'c Heavy jump, and mega bounce. Yoshi has to lick him. But Cloud N. Candy's jump does a lot damage. Everytime he licks him he become smaller and harder to lick. Kamek sometimes throws stuff to Yoshi that he must avoid. 1-4 Yoshi forest
Mcb Heavy bite. A pet of Tutankoopa, he is a fast thing. If Yoshi touches that thing he will die. Yoshi only has to throw an egg in his mouth when it is open. 3-4
Tap Tap


Mouser Meelee and bomb 5-5


Ghost like abilities 6-4
Kamek Magic 7-3



Power 8-3
Big bungee Piranha Strenght 8-5


Bosses Element Tactic Stage
Magic  At the beginning of the battle Kamek flies over you with two Magikoopas. They use magic to create spike balls and throw them at you. Also a lot of Shy Guys and Goombas approach. If Yoshi swallows the Goombas and Shy Guys and throws a Yoshi Egg to the Magikoopas they will be defeated, but if Yoshi throws an egg to Kamek it will have no effect. If the Magikoopas are defeated and only Kamek is left Yoshi have the Goombas will stop coming for a round. To defeat Kamek, Yoshi has to create a magic egg. To create a magic egg Yoshi has to swallow a Magikoopa's staff. So Yoshi has to wait until the Magikoopas return. Until they return you have to avoid a lot of spike balls. When Kamek call for new Magikoopas Yoshi can swallow them. (Yoshi must have slayed the Magikoopas for the first time before he can swallow them). Wait until this is completed. 1-7 Yoshi Forest


Ghost-like abilities. The boohemoth is a powerful Boo of large size. If he wants to he can inhale Yoshi. Yoshi has to throw a lot of eggs before he can be defeated. 2-7 Candy Hill


Sand-like abilities  3-7
Lava Piranha Lava-like abilities 4-7



Magic powers 5-7
Usura Yoshi Shadow and darkness 6-7
King Boo Ghost like abilities 7-7

Baby Bowser

Baby bowser12

Fire and skills 8-7

Morton Koopa Sr.

Morton koopa sr. Yoshi island rise from the begin

Fire and Trickey 8-7




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