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Yoshi's Island: Baby Trouble!
YIU Logo
Beta, tentative logo.
Developer(s) Shooting Star Studios Logo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Release Date(s)
TBA 2013
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure, 2.5D Sidescroller, 3D Platformer
Media Included Wii U Optical Disk
 Yoshi's Island: Baby Trouble! is the upcoming sequel of Yoshi's Island DS and the follow-up to other games starring Yoshi such as Yoshi's Story. It is chronologically the third video game in the entire Mario series as it is the sequel of said Nintendo DS game. It will be a 2.5D sidescrolling game with 3D graphics for the Wii U and it will bring a new gameplay in the series, new babies (along with old ones), new stages and a brand new adventure. It is going to be released in 2013 and is in development by Shooting Star Studios.


After the events of Yoshi's Island DSKamek decides to try and steal the Star Children once again before they grow up and cause troubles to the Koopa Troop. Kamek and his army of Toadies search once again for the Star Children. However, his search is interrupted by a Toady which came back from a travel to the future ordered by Kamek to inform him that these Star Children are not the only ones, but there are more. Kamek is disgusted by this and now needs to kidnap every baby again to find the other Star Children.

After Kamek follows a great amount of Storks, he finally found the ones he was trying to find. He kidnapped all of them and locked them in his lair. Fortunately, The Baby Bros. and the Princess were safe and the Stork went with the Yoshis at Yoshi's Island to hide them from Kamek. It is unknown what happened to the other babies apart of the kidnapped ones. So the Yoshis and the babies teamed up once again and started their quest to find the babies and defeat Kamek once and for all.


The game is a 2.5D sidescrolling game with 3D graphics and its gameplay is not that different from Yoshi's Island DS. The player can use the control stick to control Yoshi, and can use the A button to jump. The player can use the stylus and slide it to determine the distance and direction Yoshi will throw the egg, and can touch at a direction to throw the egg. Yoshi can use his tongue to eat enemies and use objects by pressing the B button. Babies have their own abilities like in Yoshi's Island DS.


In each player file there are four modes to choose from: Adventure Mode, Solo Mode, Multiplayer Mode, Minigames and Time Trial.

Adventure Mode

In Adventure Mode is where most of the gameplay available comes from. Yoshis travel an island called Dino Dino Island which is divided in 6 worlds, each world having eight levels with Mini-bosses located at level 4 and Bosses located at level 8. There are, of course, Enemies, Items, Coins, colectibles and other stuff in levels which can help or stop the player in the adventure. There is a different colored Yoshi for each level with unique advantages and/or disadvantages, but it mostly depends on the Baby the player is carrying at the moment of swapping Yoshi colors, because of the baby's favorite color/Yoshi. If Yoshi is hit by an enemy or obstacle, the player not only takes damage but the Baby is knocked loose from Yoshi's back, crying. There's a star power gauge, which protects the baby when knocked with a bubble and keeping Toadies from getting the baby, if that gauge goes to zero the baby is taken by the Toadies and a life is lost. To keep this not to happen, Yoshi must recover the baby while the gauge is still having an amount of time.

Solo Mode

In Solo Mode the player can play all of the levels in Adventure Mode, but only if they're already cleared. There's no objective in this game only than playing levels anytime and getting more points in the Player's file score.

Multiplayer Mode

Basically the same as Solo Mode, but the player can play the levels with other people. This goes from 1 to 4 players (in Local Mode) and up to 8 players (in Online Multiplayer)  that can control different colored Yoshis and can select their Babies. There are three modes that the players can shoose to play with others:

  • Normal Play: Players will play in the levels normally with no objective other than just clearing the level and getting into the next one.
  • Fruity Fight: Players will go throughout the level collecting various kind of fruits. Yoshis can steal fuits from others using Eggs or by swallowing them. There are also babies, to help their respective Yoshi with their abilities. The Yoshi with the most fruits when time ends wins the game, so there's no finish line in the levels and are slightly changed.
  • Coin Crash: Players must collect Coins in the levels and go to the finish line with their respective amount of coins. Yoshis can attack each other to steal their coins and get more. There are 3 types of coins: Gold Coins (gives 1 coin), Red Coins (gives 5 coins) and Blue Coins (gives 10 coins). After getting into the finish line, each Yoshi's coins will be counted, and the one with the largest amount of coins wins the game.


There are various minigames in this mode that can be unlocked in Adventure Mode:

Minigames coming soon.

Time Trial

After clearing Adventure Mode, this mode is unlocked. In Time Trial, the player can play the levels from Adventure Mode (just like Solo Mode) but with a determined amount of time (depending of the level and it's hazards). Yoshi must clear the level in time, and can add more time to the clock by collecting Red Coins, Blue Coins, Flowers and Stars.


Just like in Yoshi's Island DS, the player can choose two types of control in the game from the Options Menu: Hasty and Patient. Below are the controls of the game and the differences between Hasty and Patient.

Used in both Hasty and Patient controls:

  • D-PadWiiU/Control-StickWiiU: Move Yoshi
  • 16px-Wiimote Plus: Pauses the game
  • 16px-Wiimote Minus: Opens the Options menu.
  • Rbuttonwiiu: Ground Pound (in air) and Dash (in land) in Patient Mode. In Hasty Mode, it is used to aim an egg.
  • L button: See the map.
  • AButton: Jump and Flutter/Throw Egg (Patient Mode), Run (Hasty Mode)
  • Bbuttonwiiu: Run (Patient Mode), Jump and Flutter/Throw Egg (Hasty Mode)
  • XButton: Use Tongue (Patient Mode), Kick (Hasty Mode)
  • Ybuttonwiiu: Kick (Patient Mode), Use Tongue (Hasty Mode)
  • Wii U GamePad.svg: Used to aim the Egg and throw it by slidding and touching the screen in Patient Mode. In Hasty Mode, it is used to harm enemies and stop them from moving for a few seconds.

Used only in a specific mode:

  • Zr: Only used in Hasty Mode to Ground Pound.
  • Zl: Only used in Hasty Mode to Dash.

Yoshi's Moves

Yoshi and friends have several moves to perform during the adventure. They are:

Jumping and Fluttering

The player can press Bbuttonwiiu (or AButton depending on which type of control is being used) to jump. By pressing Bbuttonwiiu again, the player is able to make Yoshi use the Flutter Jump to get into higher places; this is a very traditional move in all the Yoshi games.

Ground Pound

The player can press Zr (or Rbuttonwiiu while in air depending on which type of control is being used) to ground pound. As the name implies, the Yoshi will pound the ground which is useful for defeating enemies and bosses and make pillars go down and soft stone disappear.


The player can press Zl (or Rbuttonwiiu while in land depending on which type of control is being used) to dash. With this, Yoshi is able to perform a little impulse while running to confuse enemies. It also lets Yoshi be even more faster by pressing it simultaneously.

Swallowing and Making Eggs

A Yoshi must swallow an enemy and then squat to turn it into an egg by pressing Ybuttonwiiu (or XButton depending on which type of control is being used) to swallow them and then press Ybuttonwiiu again to turn them into eggs, or hit an Egg Block. However, there are some enemies that cannot be made into Eggs as some may just be eaten or are inedible for Yoshi.

Throwing Eggs

When eating an enemy, it will turn into an egg for Yoshi. The player can press Rbuttonwiiu to aim the egg and press Bbuttonwiiu to throw it (pressing Rbuttonwiiu again will cancel Yoshi from throwing the egg), or use Wii U GamePad.svg and slide the screen to aim the egg and target things and then touch to throw it at it's destination, but it depends on which type of control is being used.



There's a great amount of confirmed colour variety of Yoshis in the game. These are:

Image Character Advantages Disadvantages
Green Yoshi YIBT Green Yoshi Green Yoshi is balanced in general, having great speed, regular jumps and flutter and also a normal-sized tongue. He has not so much power like other Yoshis.
Yellow Yoshi YIBT Yellow Yoshi Yellow Yoshi has great power, so when he throws and Egg or swallows an enemy he can spit them with great speed. He is somewhat very slow and has a short tongue.
Red Yoshi Red Yoshi is the fastest Yoshi in the game. With his great speed he can make long jumps. He lacks a bit in the power stats, making him weak.
Pink Yoshi Pink Yoshi is very good when fluttering and has great recovery. He's also a bit weak, meaning he also lacks in the power stats.
Blue Yoshi Blue Yoshi is very good at swimming, the best swimmer of all Yoshis to be exact. He has low jumps and bad recovery.
Light Blue Yoshi Light Blue Yoshi is very lightweight so he has excellent jump moves and good flutter. He is the weakest of all Yoshis in the game.
Purple Yoshi Purple Yoshi is very powerful, even more than Yellow Yoshi. He has a long-sized tongue. He has very low jumps and an terible recovery.
Orange Yoshi Orange Yoshi is very strong, having a really good defense. He also has a good recovery. He is the too slow and has a short tongue.

White Yoshi (Unlockable)

White Yoshi is excellent at jumping, fluttering and speed stats. He also has the special ability of flying for a few seconds after fluttering. He has low stats in power and defense and has a short tongue.

Black Yoshi (Unlockable)

Black Yoshi, unlike his White Yoshi, has a really good defense and is very powerful. He has a long tongue and can perform earthquakes after jumping. He is the slowest Yoshi in the game and swims slow. He also has bad jumping.


These are the confirmed babies to appear in the game, some returning from Yoshi's Island DS and some new ones.

Image Character Ability/Weapon Description
Baby Mario YIBT Baby Mario Baby Mario has the ability to hit Red "M" Blocks and can use his Cape ability to swing and harm nearby foes. This baby is the main one and is a starter. He is able to hit Red "M" Blocks and can use the Cape ability. His favorite Yoshi is the Green one. His eggs bounce off walls.
Baby Luigi YIBT Baby Luigi Baby Luigi can hit Green "L" Blocks and use the Poltergust ability to suck nearby foes and shoot them like bullets. This baby, along with his brother, is a main baby and also a starter. He can hit Green "L" Blocks and can use the Poltergust ability. His favorite Yoshi is the blue one. His eggs bounce off walls but they're somewhat slower.
Baby Peach YIBT Baby Peach Baby Peach has the ability to use her Parasol to catch wind currents. The little princess is a main baby and also a starter along with the brothers. She uses her Parasol ability. Her favorite Yoshi is the Pink one. Her eggs don't bounce off walls.
Baby Wario YIBT Baby Wario Baby Wario can use his Magnet ability to attract coins facing it (even through solid walls) and can move Magnet Blocks and Magnet Platforms. This greedy baby is an unlockable one, that means that he has to be found in the game during the adventure. He uses the Magnet ability. His favorite Yoshi is the Purple one. His eggs bounce off walls.
Baby DK Baby DK is able to climb vines and chains, and he can also perform the DK Dash to defeat almost any enemy in the game. This ape is an unlockable baby, that means that he has to be found in the game during the adventure. He has the ability to climb vines and chains and has a DK Dash ability. His favorite Yoshi is the Orange one. His egg don't bounce off walls but they go faster.
Baby Bowser Baby Bowser can breathe fire but replacing Yoshi's tongue ability. Often, though, a fire blast is the equivalent of an egg, being able to break winged clouds and destroy dirt walls as well as melting ice. This little mad baby can breathe fire, but it replaces Yoshi's ability to swallow enemies and make and throw eggs. Often, though, a fire blast is the equivalent of an egg, being able to break winged clouds and destroy dirt walls as well as melting ice, but the blasts don't bounce off walls. His favorite Yoshi is the Red one.
Baby Daisy YIBT Baby Daisy (New) Baby Daisy can use her little watering can to drop water and make little plants grow up into giant ones and climb on their leaves.  A new cute baby who joins the adventure. She uses her Watering Can ability. Her favorite Yoshi is the Yellow one. Her eggs don't bounce off walls but they're very fast.
Baby Waluigi YIBT Baby Waluigi (New) Baby Waluigi has the ability to throw little Bob-ombs to break mid-broken walls and other things. This new mischevious and cheating baby joins the adventure. He can throw Bob-ombs to explode things and discover secrets, but it replaces Yoshi's ability to swallow enemies, make and throw Eggs. His favorite Yoshi is the Purple one (if Black Yoshi hasn't been unlocked) and the Black one (if Black Yoshi has been unlocked). His Bob-ombs don't bounce off walls.
Baby Toad YIBT Baby Toad (New) Baby Toad is able to use the Mega Mushroom, which makes him and Yoshi bigger sized and invincible for a short period of time. It can also destroy stuff that cannot be destroyed in normal size. A little new baby joins this great adventure. He can use a Mega Mushroom to increase his size and also Yoshi's so they can destroy things that cannot be destroyed while being normal. His favorite Yoshi is the Red one (if White Yoshi hasn't been unlocked) and the White one (if White Yoshi is unlocked). His Eggs don't bounce off walls but are slightly larger than regular Eggs.
Baby Toadette (New) Baby Toadette has the opposite ability of Baby Toad. She uses her Mini Mushroom to turn Yoshi and herself real tiny so they can pass through very thin roads. This pink, adorable baby joins the quest as well. She can use her Mini Mushroom to turn her and Yoshi tiny and pass through small paths. Her favorite Yoshi is the pink one. Her eggs bounce off walls but are slightly smaller than regular Eggs.
Baby Birdo (New) Baby Birdo can spit big Eggs vertically that can pass through enemies and defeat them easily. It replaces Yoshi's Tongue ability though. A new dino baby that joins Yoshi too. She has the ability to shoot big Eggs vertically and kick enemies to defeat them easier. This ability replaces Yoshi's Tongue ability though, thus replacing his Egg laying ability as well. Her favorite Yoshi is the Orange one.
Baby Rosalina (New) Baby Rosalina is able to use her magic wand to illuminate dark areas, as well as using Lumas to control enemies so they are in Yoshi's side. The great galactic baby is here to help Yoshi in his adventure. She can illuminate dark areas and uses Lumas to control enemies so they defend Yoshi. Her favorite Yoshi is the Light Blue one. Her Eggs bounce off walls and can leave light when breaking.

Items and Objects

There are several items and objects found through the Yoshis' adventure they need to collect. Some may be necessary, some may not.

Items and Objects

Image Item/Object Description
Yoshi Egg YIBT Yoshi Eggs Yoshi Eggs are the main weapon of the Yoshis, used to aim and fire at enemies to defeat them. A Yoshi can carry a maximun of 6 eggs.
Coin YIBT. Coins Coins are scattered throughout the game's levels. Every hundred coins collected gives Yoshi an extra life.
Red Coin Red Coins act the same as regular gold coins, but give Yoshi 5 coins in one. They're also slightly bigger than regular coins.
Blue Coin Blue Coins act the same as the other coins, but give Yoshi 10 coins in one. They're the biggest type of coin in the game.
Character Coin Character Coins are hidden with one in each level. Collecting them all unlocks an harder version of the mini-games.
Winged Cloud Clouds with wings attached to them. They give items such as keys and stars.
Keys Keys are objects that can unlock certain doors. They can be found in some levels when they are required.
Hint Block Hint Blocks are special blocks that give hints when hit to help the player past a certain point in the level or something else.
Super Star Extremely rare items. There are only five Super Stars in the whole game. The Super Star gives invincibility to the Babies and Yoshis for a short period of time.
Stork Stops Stork Stops allow Yoshi to switch between babies. They're very easy to find and are usually placed where the player needs them.
Flower Grapples Flower Grapples are objects that allow Yoshi to reach other areas by using his tongue and swinging from flower to flower.
Starlight Flower A new item that can give you a chance to play a mini-game after completing a level. They are hidden in each level (5 each level) so you must take a good look at them.


Unlike in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island DS, Fruits reappear, but not with the same role as in Yoshi's Story nor in the other Yoshi games in which they mostly appear as collelctibles. In this game instead, they appear as recovering items. There's also a strange kind of fruit called Black Fruits that, instead of recovering health, they reduce it.

Image Fruit Recovery Percentage Rarity
Apple 15% Common
Banana 10% Very Common
Grape 25% Uncommon
Watermelon 30% Uncommon
Strawberry 20% Common
Pear 15% Common
Pineapple 30% Uncommon
Coconut 40% Rare
Orange 35% Rare
Peach 50% Very Rare
Black Fruit

It depends on which type of black fruit it is (may be from 5% to 30% of damage):

  • Black Apple = -10%
  • Black Banana = -5%
  • Black Grape = -15%
  • Black Watermelon = -20%
  • Black Strawberry = -10%
  • Black Pear = -5%
  • Black Pineapple = -20%
  • Black Coconut = -25%
  • Black Orange = -20%
  • Black Peach = -30%

Bonus Challenges

There are several mini-games Yoshi can play after completing a level by collecting Starlight Flowers,  and probably earn 1-Ups. If reaching the "GOAL! Ring" with a Starlight Flower, a roulette will appear and will get slower if Yoshi passes through the ring. If stopping in the Star icon, the mini-game will be played. If getting a total of at least 800 points in a world, the mini-games will be able to be played via World Map like in Yoshi's Island DS.

The mini-games are:

  • Roulette
  • Flowering Festival
  • Scratch and Match
  • Flip Cards
  • Slot Machine
  • Egg Eggstravaganza
  • Nuclear Cloud

Worlds and Levels

There are eight levels in the game, with each one having eight normal levels, a hidden one and an extra one. To unlock the hidden levels Yoshi must clear all the normal levels and the extra levels by gaining 800 points or more in each world.

Icon World Description Difficulty
Pearful Plains Very Easy
Deserted Cream Easy
Yummy Jungles Easy
Ice Cream Land Normal
Coconut Beach Normal
Cookie Cave Hard
Wonderful Heaven Very Hard
Bowser's Empire Hard


Below is a list of the enemies in the game. If a * is marked on the enemies, it means those are enemies that also appeared in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and/or Yoshi's Island DS.

  • Amazee Dayzee
  • Babosy
  • Bandit*
  • Big Boo*
  • Bill Blaster*
  • Blargg*
  • Blaza-Masa
  • Blooper*
  • Blow Hard*
  • Boo*
  • Boo Guy*
  • Boss Bass*
  • Boxing Koopa
  • Bubble Dayzee*
  • Bumpty*
  • Bungee Piranha*
  • Burt*
  • Chomp*
  • Chom Shark*
  • Cloudail
  • Cloud Drop*
  • Crabble
  • Crazee Dayzee*
  • Crusher Blargg*
  • Dancing Spear Guy*
  • Debull*
  • Dizzy Dandy*
  • Drool Hard*
  • Dry Bones
  • Eggereye
  • Egg-Enut*
  • Egg-Plant*
  • Eggo-Dil*
  • Fang*
  • Fat Guy*
  • Fleeper*
  • Flightless Goonie*
  • Flightless Skeleton Goonie*
  • Flopsy Fish*
  • Fly Guy*
  • Flyspy
  • Flutter
  • Fruit Guy
  • Fuzzy
  • Ghost Piranha*
  • Glide Guy*
  • Gobblin*
  • Gooey Goon*
  • Goonie*
  • Goopy
  • Green Glove*
  • Grinder*
  • Gusty*
  • Hanging Blow Hard
  • Hot Lips*
  • Huffin' Puffin*
  • Invisighoul
  • Koopa*
  • Lakitu*
  • Lampus
  • Lantern Ghost*
  • Mufti Guy*
  • Mue
  • Nep-Enut*
  • Nipper Dandelion*
  • Nipper Plant*
  • Para-Goomba
  • Para-Koopa*
  • Piranha Plant
  • Pirate Guy*
  • Piscatory Pete*
  • Podoboo*
  • Pointey*
  • Potted Ghost*
  • Red Bones
  • Rainyf
  • Rocket Guy*
  • Rozee Dayzee
  • Shadow Guy
  • Shamane
  • Shy Guy*
  • Shy Stack*
  • Skeleton Goonie*
  • Slugger*
  • Snap Jaw*
  • Snifit
  • Spear Guy*
  • Spray Fish*
  • Squiggler
  • Stilt Guy*
  • Stompin' Chomp*
  • Super Big Blargg*
  • Super Big Tap-Tap*
  • Tap-Tap*
  • Tube Guy*
  • Wiggler*
  • Wall Lakitu*
  • Wild Piranha*
  • Wild Ptooie Piranha*
  • Windbag*
  • Woozy Guy*
  • Zeus Guy*


In each world there are two castles, with a Boss battle in each. Kamek, like in past games, uses his magic to enlarge common enemies.

World 1

  • Bummer The Bumpter - Was a normal green Bumpter until Kamek dropped his magic on him and enlarge him.
  • Huffin' Van Puff - He is a normal Huffin' Puffin that Kamek enlarged with his magic.

World 2

  • The Biggie Snifit - A Snifit that was enlarged by Kamek and his magic.
  • Pumper Piranha - Was once a regular Piranha Plant, but then got enlargd by Kamek's magic.

World 3

Coming soon...


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