Yoshi's Island: Baby Luigi Time!
Developer(s) Searchie
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS
Genre(s) Platform
Series Yoshi's Island
Media Included Game
Yoshi's Island:Baby Luigi Time! is a fan game made by Poisonshot. It is based on the old Yoshi Island games, and has the same art style. It also has the same gameplay style.


The game starts with Kamek kidnapping Baby Luigi and Baby Mario(as usual), because Baby Bowser was angry over his defeats. Kamek then goes to Yoshi Island to kidnap Baby Yoshi, but is attacked by the other Yoshis instead. He end up dropping Baby Luigi, but not Baby Mario. The Yoshis try to chase Kamek to get back Baby Mario, but they don't manage to. Now, the Yoshis and Baby Luigi need to save Baby Mario!

New Features

You can now tap where you throw want your eggs on the screen through. Since the player plays as Luigi most of the time, Yoshi also jumps higher and is a bit slower. When you finish the game through, you can decide to play as Baby Mario, who jumps less high but is faster. Unlike the other Yoshi Island games, you decide what Yoshi color you play as. You also unlock a Huffin Puffin who is ridden by one of the two babies when you finish the game, who has Luigi's speed and Mario's jump heigh, but has an unlimited supply of eggs. A new transformation called Dragon Yoshi is added. It allows you to breathe fire, allowing you to destroy otherwise unbreakable walls. It looks like a much more Dinosaur-like yoshi with bat wings. Red Coins have been removed. You collect Big Stars instead of Flowers. They look like a big Starman, and there's only one per stage. The normal stars are still here, but they are dropped from enemies when you beat them with an egg.


Click here for more in-depth info about the stages!

World 1: The plain Plains

  • 1-1: Jump Hight with Baby Luigi!
  • 1-2: The Waterfall Cave.
  • 1-3: Bouncy Pinball!
  • 1-4: Carl the Cannonical Kaboomba's Fortress
  • 1-5: The Band of Bandits
  • 1-6: Hover the Snifit Army
  • 1-7: Goonie and Trees
  • 1-8: Tower of Rovbi the Fuzzylator

World 2: Disasterous Hills

  • 2-1: Geyser Desert!
  • 2-2: Danger! Tall Heights!
  • 2-3: Pebbles and Stones
  • 2-4: Sparskt the Infernal Podoboo's Castle
  • 2-5: Solar Stones?
  • 2-6: CRASH!!! Meteors!!!
  • 2-7: Down the Craters
  • 2-8: Leet the MagneticTopman's Junk Base


Carl the Cannonical Kaboomba

Carl the Cannonical Kaboomba
This boss starts out as a normal Kaboomba before it was enlarged by Kamek. Carl the Cannonical Kaboomba looks like a giant Kaboomba with treads instead of feet. It has 4 small cannons below it's main cannon.

As the first boss(or rather miniboss) of the game, it's battle is a quite hard but still easy battle. It will shoot a giant ball from it's giant cannon, then will throw 4 small balls from it's 4 other cannons. You can swallow the small balls to get a normal egg, while trying to swallow a giant ball while give you a Mega Eggdozer. To beat the boss, you have to clog with eggs up all five cannons, through to clog up the big one you have to use a Mega Eggdozer. After that, it will turn back into a normal Kaboomba and run away, finishing the battle.

Rovbi the Fuzzylator

Oie transparent(3)

Rovbi the Fuzzylator

Rovbi, the boss of World 1, starts out as a normal fuzzy before beign accidentaly enlarged by Kamek, who wanted to enlarge a Bandit. It looks like a collosal fuzzy, with the "hair" on it becoming tentacles.

Rovbi is surprisigly much harder than the previous boss. It starts off by releasing some kind of wave, making the poor Yoshi dizzy during the whole fight. Then, it destroys the platform the player was on with one of his tentacles, so you need to chase Rovbi through the cloud. It then just flies around while the screen scrolls up. The battle is very similar to the boss battle of Salvo the Slime and Gilbert the Gooey, who are both the bosses of the first world in thier respective games: you need to hit with eggs or swallow the clouds making the Fuzzylator untill he is nothing but tentacles and two eyes. It then turns back to normal size, and falls to the ground far below.

Sparskt the Infernal Podoboo

Oie transparent(5)
Sparskt is, well, a Podoboo. At first a normal one, Kamek enlarged it into a giant Podoboo with a bunch of stones of it. The battle takes place in a volcano's crater, and yes, you're freefalling in it, like Moltz from Yoshi's Island. He's very strong, and it is hard to figure out how to beat it, but there actually is a way: Hit his face with a egg. It's easier said than done, through. He's protected by the stones on it. You need to hit him from below, but he releases swallowable Podoboos from below. He is defeated in two hits through.

Leet the MagneticTopman

Oie transparent(7)
Leet started out as a Topmini. Kamek then enlarged him into a flying giant Topmini with a giant magnet at the top of his head, as well as two for "hands". He actually tryed to enlarge the Bandit from last time, through. He is in a junk-like metallic room.

To beat him, you "just" need to throw an egg at him(Making him fall to the ground), then Ground Pound him. Simple, huh? That is untill you take account of it's attacks. It throws around thunder clouds while attracting various metalic parts from his magnets. You can get a egg by swallowing a metalic part.

A not much know secret is that you can actually skip the very hard battle. At the start of the battle, you fall from the air. With quick reflexes, you can ground pound his head and thus destroy it. Kamek will then fly by...but gets hit by a huge metal piece. The Bandit will try fighting you, but Yoshi just kicks him away.