Yoshi's Grand Island is a new 3D game in the Yoshi series, which will be released February 14, 2015. It is, chronologically, the latest in the Yoshi series, as it does not involve the saving of Baby Mario, but rather, the plot involves the main Yoshi discovering that a great Golden Egg has appeared on the Grand Island, and, if harnessed correctly and hatched in the light, will birth a great Golden Yoshi that will bring enlightenment to the entire Yoshi Island, but the sinister King Bowser has found a great egg of his own and if it's hatched, it can become an unholy beast that will devour the entire Island! The gameplay will be like that of previous games in the series, but in a 3D format. It will feature many different fruits that give Yoshi special powers.


The gameplay is like that of previous 2D Yoshi games, but in a 3D format. Mega Eggdozers also return, but one must direct them with a control stick, it being a 3D game. A new addition is the fruits, like that of Super Mario Galaxy 2, with the Bulb Berry, the Blimp Fruit, and the Dash Pepper return from this game. There are six new fruits: The Prickle Berry, The Flagilent Fruit, The Drill Pepper, The Water Berry, the Chubby Fruit, and the Dragon Berry.

There are eight worlds this time around (+ one special world), with the plot revolving around the collection of the 6 Fossil Keys, which will allow Yoshi to enter Bowser's Fortress, which holds the Omega Bulb, which will hatch one of two eggs: a great dark one or an angelic one. Several Mini-Games are also present. 


The plot begins with Yoshi arriving on Grand Island. He pulls out the invitation he was given, and concludes that this is the right place. He pulls out a mysterious picture, and smiles. He is then pulled into a crowd of tourists, and he is drug to the front of the crowd and he see's what all of the commotion is about. A great Golden Egg has appeared! A great lightbulb is hovering above it, giving it incubation. Then, Bowser's airship appears. All of the grazing dinosaurs run for cover. The Yoshi's are at Bowser's mercy. The dark king himself appears, along with his son, Bowser Jr., and his caretaker and Mage, Kamek. Bowser declares that he's discovered that another Great Egg has appeared, and he will use the Omega Lightbulb to hatch his own Dark Egg. Yoshi stands in his way, and Bowser orders his ships to fire at the young dinosaur. Yoshi dodges, but one more airship appears, and uses a Bowser Claw to pluck the Omega Bulb out of its perch. Bowser then flies away, laughing maniacally. Yoshi vows to to stop Bowser.

When Yoshi arrives at Bowser's fortress, he defeats the dark king, only for Bowser to reveal that he had been using a robot, and talks into a phone, saying that it is time to activate Operation: Invasion. He reveals he has made a dark incubator for his egg, revealing that a giant cardboard cutout of a volcano was covering it, (which was fairly obivious.). Bowser then reveals also he's made a dark equivilent of the Omega Bulb, known as the DarkHeart Light. He says that he dosen't care what Yoshi does with the Omega Bulb, as his egg will hatch no matter what! Bowser Jr. comes by in his Clown Car, and picks up his evil father. Kamek comes by and waves sarcastically. Yoshi realizes what just happened, and hangs his head in shame. He then goes after the armada to finish what he started!

After infiltrating the incubator and getting through Bowser's defenses again, he finds the dark lord at the peek of the incubator. Bowser comments on how he should hire better security. He then swallows all of the fruit types Yoshi had eaten, and becomes Gamma Bowser!! After a short battle, Bowser loses his powers, and becomes unconscious. The dark egg begins to hatch! Yoshi gets out of the way in time, but the beast that emerges eats Bowser. Bowser Jr. and Kamek jump in after him. The beast in a bat-like red-eyed monsterous Yoshi with huge tusks. It then begins to devour everything in its path! Yoshi pulls out the Omega Bulb, and begins to rush towards the Golden Egg, knowing the only way to stop the beast!

When Yoshi makes it to the egg, he must go through a short minigame that helps him incubate the egg. When the egg hatches, it reveals an angelic white yoshi. Our Yoshi explains the situation, and jumps on the White Yoshi's back. They fly off to stop the beast! When they reach the Doomsday Yoshi's Path, they begin a battle that will detirmine the fate of the Grand Island!

When defeated, the D-Yoshi is defeated, it explodes, sending Bowser and his cohorts into the sky! Then, Yoshi-W goes into the sky, repairing the island! It then creates an island in the sky. Yoshi decides to stay on the island, until his people need him once more! Then the credits role. In a post-credits scene, Bowser, Bowser Jr., and Kamek are found stranded on the new island...

If the player completes the game 100%, then Yoshi's mysterious picture can be seen: Yoshi playing in a snadbox with the tiny Mario Bros.

Levels & Worlds

World 1: Yoshi Plains

1-1 Enter Yoshi Village

1-2  A Pal for Poochie

1-3 Eggdozer Extraviganza!!

1-4 A Helicopter Tour

1-Fortress Bowser Jr.'s Fortress of Doom!

1-5 Flagilents For You and Me

1-6 Uboveground is For Wimps

1-7 Bullies

1-Castle Koopatron Ver. 3635

1-Secret Village Fire!

World 2: Devilish Desert

2-1 Find the Oases

2-2 Underground Cavern

2-3 Woo Hoo!!

2-4 Poochy Love Finds A Way

2-Fortress Kamek's Sand Castle... Of Destruction!

2-5 The Key to Something...

2-6 A Couple of Predicaments

2-7 Just a Mirage

2-Castle The Lost City of Bad Things

2-Secret Cactus Maze!!!

World 3: Chomp Minefields

World 4: Yang Skies

World 5: Dino-de Nile

World 6: Tar Minefields

World 7: Lord Bowser's Grand Fortress

World Final: Dark Incubator

Final-1 Ifiltration

Final-2 Bowser's Dark Fury

Final-FINALE Canceling the Apocalypse!

World Egg