Yoshi's Brand New Island: Baby Bonanza is a 3DS and Wii U game that is to be released mid-2015.


Evil King Bowser Koopa has stolen Baby Peach and hidden her in the rainbow! Playing as one of four different colours of Yoshi, alongside Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, defeat Koopa and rescue Baby Peach!


Grass Land

Desert Land

Water Land

Giant Land

Snow Land

Pipe Land

Sky Land

Dark Land


Cheatsy Koopa

Big Mouth Koopa Jr

Kootie Pie Koopa

Hop Koopa

Hip Koopa

Kooky Vanz Koopa

Kooky Vanz Koopa's Revenge

Bully Koopa



King Bowser Koopa

Kootie Pie's Airship Armada

Mega Goomba

King Bowser Koopa's Revenge

Kooky Vanz Koopa's Boomsday Device


Dry Bowser Koopa and Kooky Vanz Koopa

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