I think this would be an awesome game in real life; who agrees? But will some1 else please send in the petition? thx. 50 signatures r needed. And please sign usernames like:

  • Peanutjon
  • Lemmykoopa24 - I'm not a big fan of puzzle games, but this would rock.
  • Yoshi! - Hm. . .I guess.
  • SonicWiki - Sure.
  • Micool26 (tbc) - Why not?
  • Mariothemovie - Awesome.
  • UltimateMogwai (tbc) - We need more Yoshi games.
  • Stelios7 (tbc) - Might as well.
  • TikalMachOne305 (tbc) - I'm all ears for Yoshi's Block Drop. Even though the story may be similar to Yoshi's Wooly World (as Yoshis turn into wool scattered around the world in YWW), I would definently like a Tetris Attack sequel (even though, in reality, Tetris Attack is Panel de Pon).

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