Yoshi's Amazing Adventure
Developer(s) Dancing Wario Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 15
Release Date(s)
11th February, 2005 (United Kingdom)
2006 (elsewhere)
1-4 players

Yoshi's Amazing Adventure is a video game for the Nintendo 15. It was released on 11th February, 2005.


Boris the Waluigi invades Yoshi's Island and fills it with exploding Mountain Dew cans. He teams up with Kamek to turn the island into Montain Dew Land. The only way the Yoshis can save the island is if they get four Coca Cola cans, which are held by bosses. It's up to the Yoshis to save the island from becoming a Mountain Dew theme park.

Meanwhile, Kamek and Walui... Boris invent a new drink; Koopakoke, which is just Mountain Dew with Pepsi and more Mountain Dew in it.

Eventually, Boris betrays Kamek after Kamek calls him a "sexy looking Waluigi". Yoshi then kills Boris by turning his tongue into a saw and sawing Boris in half.

The Yoshis then celebrate by drinking Mountain Dew and... Mountain Dew.


Yoshi begins every level with 1 HP. Since enemies get placed roght in front of you, you may die in the first five seconds of the level a lot. If you find a heart, you can get an extra HP. There is no limit to how much HP you can have, so you may have tons of HP by the end of the level.

Yoshi also has 6 lives and it is really hard to find extra lives in this game. If you run out of lives, you have to redo the entire game all over again.

Up to four players can play co op. However, with more players, the game lags more. You will sometimes need four players to get some of the goodies.


Each world has six levels. There is a boss in levels 3 and 6.

World 1 : Pepsi Lake

World 2 : Fanta Mountain

World 3 : Sprite Caves

World 4 : Irn Bru Pass

World 5 : Dr. Pepper City

World 6 : Koopakoke Koopaville


Name Description
Cloudjin (1) Y'know, the Yoshi's Story boss who EVERYONE remembers? Fought at the beginning of the game. He will fly about and all you need to do is hit him with an egg 3 times. No obstacles or anything like that.
Cocoa the Can The boss in 1-3. A bigger version of the Can enemies. To defeat Cocoa, just throw 20 eggs at him. Beaware he will throw Twerk Guys at random times.
The Shy Guy The boss in 1-6. A bigger version of the Shy Guy enemies. To defeat The Shy Guy, just eat the Shy Guys he throws at you, then he begins dancing about and then he falls over, then you must ground pound him. Repeat the process 17 more times.
Cloudjin (2) He is fought again in 2-3. Only difference now is that fire balls will sometimes fall out of nowhere and you fight whilst standing on moving platforms.
Bomb the Bob-Omb The bods in 2-6. A bigger version of the Bob-Omb enemy. You are on a shack in a Fanta river. Bomb will throw bomb at you and all you do is dodge them. Bomb then commits suicide for no reason after a few minutes.

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