Yoshi's Adventure Wii is the first Yoshi game for the Wii. It is more like Yoshi's Story then the Yoshi games, because Yoshi doesn't carry any babies in this game.


Yoshi, and all of his Yoshi friends, discover that Kamek has cursed Yoshi's Island to disappear from the face of the planet. The Yoshis travel through the world through different islands to find Bowser's Fortress where Kamekoopa is and stop him.


The gameplay is pretty much the same as any other Yoshi game. You can throw eggs, swallow enemies, jump on enemies, and at the end of each world you have to fight a boss. Also, there is a few power-ups, such as a fire candy which if you eat, you shoot fire for the rest of the level, a wing candy, which lets you glide, and an Earth Candy that makes you twice as heavy and powerful.

A new feature to this game is a drop-in drop-out co-op mode. Player one plays as regular Yoshi, and the other 3 can play as Red, Blue, or Yellow Yoshi.


  • World 1: Tall Trunk Tree - Tall Trunk Tree is the first world, and it is pretty generic.
  • World 2: Shiny Seashore - The water level of the game, but there isn't many underwater levels. Most of the parts are on the beach or docks, but there is a few levels in which Yoshi is in a submarine like in Yoshi's Island DS.
  • World 3: Winter Wonderworld - The snowy level. In this world, you are introduced to the Fire Candy, which you must use to do many puzzles involving ice.
  • World 4: Daring Desert - The desert level. There is several levels inside a pyramid, and some that take place outside.
  • World 5: Twister Tunnels - An underground level. It introduces the Earth Candy which must be used to finish the boss.
  • World 6: Rainbow Ride - A sky level, named after the one in Super Mario 64. It introduces the Wind Cnayd which lets you glide.
  • World 7: Bowser's Fortress - This level, unlike most last worlds, is all inside Bowser's Fortress, and the final boss level is Kamek's Domain.

Background Information

  • The world map, unlike Yoshi's Island DS, is more like New Super Mario Bros Wii's, and is interactive and 3D.
  • The game has several different control schemes. You can use the Wii remote sideways, the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, the Gamecube Controller, or the Classic Controller. If using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, then you can use an optional motion control feature, where you can aim and throw the eggs with it.

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